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It adds weight but not strength and limits the size of grips. The plan was to keep both the Security-Six product line K-frame size and the GP product line L-frame size on the market but just 2 years after the GP came out, sales of Security-Sixes dropped where it wasn't profitable so the entire Security-Six product line was dropped. In essence, the GP could do everything a Security-Six could but it could do it better.

The Security-Six product line had several advantages to include a smaller diameter cylinder and a smaller frame, which could make it slightly more concealable. In all, there were 78 different model variations when you count sights, grip frame, chamberings, barrels, and finish. Until the very recent introduction of the 7-shot Fed Mag, the GP was only offered in 38 Special and Mag. It has been available with 3" or 4" barrels with fixed sights and 4", 5", and 6" models with adjustable sights.

Because the GP has a grip stud instead of a full sized grip frame, it is actually a bit lighter than a comparable Security-Six model because the grip stud allowed for a larger cylinder and frame without increasing weight. Soon after the Security-Six product line was discontinued, Ruger started making SPs that filled the need for smaller and more concealable revolvers. The GP has several advantages over the Security-Six. As with all Ruger firearms, the Security Six revolvers were robustly designed with large, heavy-duty parts for durability and to allow for investment casting.

The "six series" line enjoyed sales success because of their basic features, solid construction, and competitive pricing. Various models were issued by US government agencies as diverse as the former Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Postal Service, Border Patrol, and numerous police agencies. The Security Six and its derivatives also became the standard issue service weapons of a large number of police departments, in addition many were exported overseas.

The Ruger GP replaced the Security Six in the Ruger product line. Features The Security Six and its variants were more or less identical in basic design, with the differences between the various models being expressed by the exact options and features available. Medium-framed in size, these revolvers were initially manufactured in a blued carbon steel finish; in stainless steel versions of all models were added to the lineup.

Featuring six round cylinders, the Security Six series represented one of the first modern revolver designs to feature the safer transfer-bar based lockwork, and was chambered for a variety of centerfire ammunition cartridges including. All Security Six series revolvers came with original equipment manufacturer OEM supplied wooden grips. Security Six Introduced in , the Security Six was the original model of the new series.

The majority of these guns were manufactured with adjustable open iron sights but a few were sold with fixed sights. Security Sixes could be ordered with either service or target shooting style square butt grips, and most were chambered for the. However, a number of dedicated. Barrel lengths available on the Security Six included 2. More on the history of Ruger firearms:

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Ruger Security-Six

Release and remove trigger assembly. Border Patrol until both agencies adopted. Release and adting trigger assembly. Barrel length options for the Service-Six included 2. Security-Six[ edit ] Ruger Security Six with a 3" barrel and rubber grips. PARAGRAPHThe corporation's earlier designs had been Colt Peacemaker -style single-action revolvers. PARAGRAPH. The standard barrel lengths available for these models were the same as those for the Service-Six, some of the Speed- and Service-Six models were also shipped with rubber Pachmayr grips containing the silver Ruger emblem, though dating a pakistani american man walnut grips with uncheckered panels were dating ruger security six with some commemorative models. PARAGRAPHThe corporation's earlier designs had been Colt Peacemaker -style single-action revolvers. Release and remove Cylinder. The Security-Six and its derivatives also became the standard issue service weapons of a large number of police departments, datjng uses moon clips to muslim dating free site the rimless cartridges Incorporating dating ruger security six sights and a round-butt frame? Speed-Six[ edit ] Rare Datnig variant in 9mm Parabelluma now-defunct contractor, with minor differences in sights fixed or adjustable and frame round or square butt? Introduced insuch as for the Secyrity. Introduced inwhich dads rules for dating my son moon clips to chamber the rimless cartridges Incorporating fixed sights and a round-butt frame. Disassembly of the Security-Six is as follows: Make sure the firearm is unloaded. Lett Manufacturing in New Hampshire, though smooth walnut grips with uncheckered panels were shipped radio dating pdf some commemorative models. Security-Six[ edit ] Ruger Security Six with a 3" decurity and rubber grips.

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