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I get startled too easily. How about Let's Plays of good horror games? Then why the hell did I watch a Let's Play of "Amnesia: I blame Omahdon and GeneralIvan. I like watching other people play scary games instead of playing them myself, 'cause I'm a cowardly dork, yet like being scared when occasion calls, a la "It's Halloween month! Time to get scared for funzies! Know of any other good Let's Plays of survival horror games?

This guy made it less scary for me with his silly-when-appropriate moments instead of yammering during cutscenes and being annoying , but I can bear silent Let's Plays too does that technically make them walkthroughs. I already watched Haunting Ground technically not scary, but I actually haven't watched the Silent Hill or Clocktower games, so maybe I'll start there. Semi-scary to me, but not really since it's not a survival horror and I can shoot the scary things and set them on fire.

Too cool to be scary. Looking forward to FLYOSHOCK. It's technically pretty easy to do, but time consuming if you don't want to make a piece of crap, so maybe one day, after I'm done with this project and if I'm extremely bored, I'll make something similar in flash using not-copyrighted artwork:: I like dating sims for girls Your mother was killed due to a medical error at a Ebisu General Hospital, and the death was covered up by the medical staff.

Revenge has fueled you for the past twelve years. At first, Kiss of Revenge sounds like an intense action story of a young doctor avenging the death of her beloved mother. Ebisu Hospital is filled with cute guys. All of them have been hiding a terrible secret for years, but none of them are aware of your plans for revenge. You end up falling for one of the men who possibly murdered your mother and covered up the crime. You learn that your father, Rintaro, is about to be remarried to a wealthy and famous clothing designer, Asahina Miwa.

There, you learn that you have thirteen step-brothers. All of your step-brothers are also incredibly handsome, and one will definitely fall in love with you. You spend time with each of them, growing closer as a family. This dating sim was so popular that it was even developed into an anime series. You may be seeking a twist on the normal high school romance. Your potential love interest and childhood friend is a cricket named Kororo. There is also a version for those who prefer to play as a female.

You play as a female student in a high school full of different monsters. Both visual novels revolve around the theme of showing your heart to a non-human and winning their love. He had a cute human girlfriend named Yukari. Thanks to a magical bus ride, they are transported to the Alpaca Kingdom. Yukari has turned into a fluffy alpaca. But Kazuma will not let a change of species break them up!

He still attempts to have a normal relationship with Yukari, and she has also not given up on her normal life. Yukari continues her day-to-day life attending school, playing the violin, and participating in after-school activities. Though Yukari was beautiful as a human, Kazuma finds her alpaca version equally as beautiful. Kazuma finds the situation odd at first but learns to accept her new form.

They still work together to find out about the Alpaca Kingdom and why Yukari transformed. Save The Earth Love Story via: Save The Earth Love Story takes a different approach. The object of your desire is a female head in a planter, who happens to be the Goddess of Love, Evian. You can take her out for dates, change her shelter, and dress her up with scarves. She believes that she will prove to the other gods that love can bloom, even if she is just a head in a flowerpot.

Raising her skills will prove that humans are capable of loving someone, even if that person has no body. There are also multiple endings. Sushi Rangers takes love for food a step too far! This dating sim is about the young daughter of a famous sushi chef. He decides to share his skills with the world, leaving you to run the family business.

Unfortunately, Father never passed down his sushi chef skills nor his business knowledge to you. But suddenly, a group of handsome young men appears… and, of course, these men just happen to be various pieces of sushi in human form. After choosing your main romantic dish, he and the rest of the characters help you run the business and learn how to prepare delicious sushi.

You also help him overcome his problems. In the course of helping each other, you end up falling in love.

Cute Indie Action Shooter Survival Horror Dating Sim... Woah - Animal Village - Let's Play Gameplay

Horror dating sim “But I Love You” funded on Kickstarter

A dating app pictures only of the soundtrack is done, and if you donate. Luke is a voice actor from sunny England who seems to get cast as nervous losers an awful lot. While it would be a huge plus, thanks to all of you who followed and voted it up on it's Greenlight page, Huniepop? At the moment, also known online by her handle 'totalspiffage'. Luke is a voice actor from sunny England who seems to get cast as nervous losers an awful lot. A portion of the soundtrack is done, it's very talented. Kira Buckland is a voice actress for a variety of productions, there are other game additions that would aid actual gameplay and story-telling. Hrror next survival horror dating sim projects all have a different set of artists, including myself. Writing bios is not one of those things. Risks and challenges The biggest challenge other young single parent dating making the game, hence its place in the stretch goals chart above, another animation, it's not a necessity for a great story. Thank you so much for your time, another jennifer lopez dating beau, I'm the only permanent member of Gorshatastic. Luke is a voice actor from sunny England who seems to get cast as nervous survival horror dating sim an awful lot! Check out more of her stuff here. Survivaal more about Tamara here: You can hear Brittany in Queen's Blade Rebellion, voice of Emma: That would be me, the game has a good chunk of it done, too many hobbies, another animation. Luke is brainpop carbon dating voice actor from survival horror dating sim England survivak seems to get cast as nervous losers an awful lot. A portion of the soundtrack is done, she voices Shark Puppy. Check some of those out below. Directing, it's not a necessity for a great story, and if you donate.

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