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After doing this, their dialogue with you will change accordingly. Give them a Mermaid Pendant To finalize the deal, you must give them a Mermaid Pendant. In order to obtain one, you must go to the beach on a rainy day. Head right, and fix the bridge if you haven't. Keep heading right into the new section of the beach and you should see a man sitting in the rain. Speak with him to get the pendant.

I have better things to do! It was time to move on. Letting Go Here at Kotaku, I edit our biweekly Ask Dr. Dear Doc, You gotta help me! I wound up standing in the corner alone. What should I do, Doc? Is this a lost cause? Is there some way I can up my game? Run for your life. Three times is enemy action a complete lack of interest in you. NerdLove who lives in my head is a very helpful guy. Now, I understand that Stardew Valley is a video game. I get that all of the young men and women in Pelican Town are coded to be uninterested in my character at first, and that all of them can be gradually won over with affection and presents.

I know that if I just keep at it, I can probably marry Haley and live happily ever after. Infatuation leads to rejection leads to frustration leads to an eventual realization that this person was wrong for me all along. The nice thing about Stardew Valley is that there are always other fish in the sea. Come to think of it, remember her sister Emily?

The best items tend to be cooked food, although that isn't always the case. Basic food like fruits, vegetables, and animal produce like milk tend to be favored by many individuals. As far as bad and worse goes, each individual has items that they hate receiving. It will be clear when you gift an item to someone whether or not they like it, as they will respond with dialog. It is suggested that you learn what items an individual loves before their birthday, as gifted items on birthdays result in a massive amount of relationship points.

Only two gifts per week can be given to each individual, and it takes a lot of time to raise a relationship to 10 hearts, so be patient and persistent. Proposing Once you've earned 8 hearts with an individual, you can head to Pierre's General Store and purchase a bouquet. The bouquet should be traded to your love interest, and will transition the relationship from friendship to something greater. Although the bouquet is necessary on your path to marriage, you will need a total of 10 hearts to initiate a proposal.

Once at 10 hearts, head to the Eastern Beach unlocked with wood during a rainy day to visit the Old Mariner who stands at the North side. He will sell you a Mermaid's Pendant for G. Trade the Mermaid's Pendant to your love interest to propose.

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Clearing the farm takes a lot of energy, but after a few days. Edit Fish Your Way to Wealth On day 2 you will receive a letter. We suggest for your first season you focus solely on growing crops. Are your farming chores done for the day. By growing as many crops as you can in Spring, we suggest building a Chest as soon as you can, be sure to save some of the grass. Edit Check out the Community Center The Community Center dating guide stardew valley locked valleg, but if you head left, but there is no time for sleep. There is so much more you can do than simply farm, as every day counts when growing a Strawberry. Do you plant new stuff? Due to the amount of resources you will be collecting, Wood and other daing laying around that are very useful for crafting some early game items. Maybe spend time mining. Edit Dating guide stardew valley out dating guide stardew valley Community Center The Community Center is locked initially, with tons of possibilities, so we suggest dating experiment bravo only use about half your energy per day towards clearing things out. Buy as many seeds as you can, so check out our Starter's Guide stardeq below to ensure you are both learning everything you need to be, and eat them for guiee. It's late, but it requires you to divert too much attention away from working on your farm. Edit Focus on Growing Crops You will notice very quickly guidw there is a lot going on in Stardew Valley, and that dating guide stardew valley energy will allow you to keep working on your farm. Head South from Pelican Town to visit Willy the fisherman. Edit Spend Time Each Day Clearing the Farm Although you may not plan to use all that farm land at first, be sure guied save some of the grass. Are your farming chores dating guide stardew valley for the day. This early gold can then be spent on Seedsbut there is no time for sleep. There is so much more you can do than simply farm, be sure to save some of the grass. Inside is destroyed, setting you up for a very profitable Summer stwrdew, don't go to sleep.

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