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Harley Quinn Dating

While researching the lunatics at Arkham, she became fascinated with one particular inmate. Ambitiously volunteering to analyze him, she pleaded with the doctors at Arkham for three months before she could treat him. After he gained her sympathy during their sessions, he seduced her, causing her to fall madly in love with him.

After helping him escape from the asylum more than once, Harleen was suspected by the authorities, who revoked her license and placed her in her own cell. During an earthquake in Gotham City , she fled and became Harley Quinn, the sidekick of the Clown Prince of Crime himself. Harleen Quinzel Quinn's relationship with the Joker is one of the most complex and twisted love affairs in comics: The Joker would only use Harley for intense sexual intercourse and her body.

She's the only person who's managed to become intimate on such a long term basis with the Joker, who, in turn, displays occasional moments of confusion and discomfort which results in attempts to kill her. The Iconic Depiction of Harley Quinn One time, when the Joker realized he had very deeply hidden feelings of love, he sent Harley off in a rocket.

She crash landed in Robinson Park in the center of Gotham and was found by Poison Ivy. When Harley regained consciousness, Ivy initially planned to kill her. The prospect of her own death totally fails to move Harley, and Ivy is curious as to why. She convinces Harley to tell her story, and soon feels a kinship to her. Considering her another castoff, Ivy offers to help Harley take her revenge on both Batman and the Joker.

Ivy took her back to her lair in a toxic waste dump and nursed her back to health. This included injecting Harley with a serum that Ivy had developed which has given Harley immunity to various assorted toxins and Ivy's own poisonous touch and also dramatically enhances Harley's strength and speed. Ivy intends to give her new friend an edge on Batman and the Joker. Quinn and Ivy teamed up and conducted a number of successful capers.

Hot-blooded Harley, however, is angrier at the Joker than at Batman, and even initially works with the Dark Knight to help bring down the Clown Prince of Crime. Harley and Ivy While Batman eliminates the villain's muscle, Quinn chases the Joker up a damaged building, intending to send him falling to his death. Before she can do so, however, the Joker apologizes. Falling in love with him again, she forgives him on the spot, and serves as his lieutenant throughout the rest of No Man's Land, as well as the Emperor Joker storyline.

After this, Ivy dissolved the partnership in disgust. Ivy remains, however, her usual first point of call when she and The Joker are going through a rough patch. Ivy adopted the role of older sister and teller of harsh truths to Quinn about her helpless infatuation with The Joker. She frequently refers to the Joker as "Puddin" and "Mr. Yet, as much as she dearly wants to kill this clown-faced goon, Harley is still a slave to her emotions, and instead she attempts to break the Joker out of Arkham Asylum.

Ivy tries to stop Harley and the Joker escaping Arkham Asylum. This is thanks to some of Harley's trademark psychoanalysis, as she deduces that Ivy has been in love with her all this time — then uses that love as a weapon. Ivy dealt with, Harley doesn't get far with the Joker before Catwoman and Batman send her straight back behind Arkham's bars.

Ivy eventually breaks out herself, embarking on her own vengeance mission against Harley. But before Ivy can kill her paramour, she has a shocking realization about Harley's addiction to the Joker. Will she ever be ready? She is in the throes of madness. She sees him, her brain flooding with adrenaline — it makes her excited, nervous — then the feelings start to fade and she needs more.

She sees it as a passion, she sees it as love. Harley's just repeating a pattern of behavior, and she needs Ivy to break the Joker's cycle of abuse. Whoever said three villains would play nice together? Harley's Solo Act Ultimately though, Ivy and Harley don't kill Catwoman, and as she gives them a head start before Batman catches them, Harley and Ivy also go their separate ways.

Telling Ivy that "I'm ready," Harley makes the decision to finally live her own life, free from the Joker and away from Poison Ivy. This leads straight into the New 52 reboot, in which Harley Quinn joins the Suicide Squad. Later on, she goes solo again in the Harley Quinn series — which sees Poison Ivy return as Harley's long-distance girlfriend. The relationship between Harley and Ivy is fascinating because it's crucial to Harley's own character development: Ivy's love for Harley really helped the Clown Princess break free of her past and forge a new path for herself.

And it's super satisfying when Harley encounters the Joker in Arkham again in the solo comic — because this time she beats the living shit out of him. Harley finally gets some closure — by beating Joker to a bloody pulp.

Would You Date Harley Quinn if She was Real?

Harley Quinn

I'm sure that The Carp and Sea Robin will be shipped together and dating in los angeles is hard their own fandom. Is there a whole backstory there that we don't get harley quinn dating see in this issue. I mean let's be honest, so she's processing it as a threat! Pump the brakes now. Harley quinn dating that guy deserved it! But that guy deserved it. We see him on the Hudson River and then we see his sidekick Sea Robin, Harley Quinn is taking over DC Entertainment. I think the better characters are written that way. We didn't want to write a scene where Batman was trying to arrest her because he sees that she's going through the effort. But he's cautiously optimistic about her.

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