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Im Dating My Friends Cousin

Community Links Members List. So I've been hanging out with my friend and his cousin in a group for a couple of months now and I am attracted to her. I know she isn't interested in me that way and, from our conversations, I know she's not right for me and I'm not right for her. However, I have this overwhelming feeling of physical attraction. I'm trying to shake it off but it's still lingering and driving me a bit crazy.

I'm thinking of just limiting my contact with her, to only talk to her in a group situation and not 1-on What else can I do? Share Share this post on Digg Del. The No Contact Guide. No, on second thoughts, your plan's probably better Recently, she's been talking to me a lot, since she broke up with her boyfriend a month ago She says she doesn't like it when guys talk about themselves all the time and yet she keeps talking about herself.

Probably best that I don't talk to her 1-on-1 anymore Plus, my friend would probably beat me up if I made a move. There's nothing wrong with you dating her if that's what you both wanted. However, from my perspective it would be a bad idea for your friendship if you did - but it wouldn't be any of his business He's made it clear that no one is to touch his cousin. But I guess you're right - it's really up to her and I.

I wouldn't ask her out, knowing that we aren't compatible. It's so weird, I'm not use to feeling this way for a friend. We also seem to think the same and like the same things obviously not everything but a fair share The punch line is that my first response to him was "I'm not marrying her to get her a status" The next day another good friend of mine whom I told the story to also concluded I was an idiot and why that was the first thing that came to my mind When I didn't know she liked me I was fine, now my head is spinning and I'm completley lost She likes you, you like her, your friend doesn't mind.

You like each other and you got the go-ahead from your friend. What more can you ask for? I'd keep doing what you are doing, don't think about it too much and just see what happens when she comes in the summer. I don't think that's the motive. Read my last post and you will understand that this is a horrible idea. I dated my best friends cousin's for 2 years we fell in love and now it feels like a bitter divorce of dividing and stuff.

I was invited to the family thanksgiving party and now I'm not going because she doesn't want me there. You are better off finding someone else if you value your friendship with your buddy. I am in between a rock and a hard place and if you need more insight feel free to talk to me first hand I went through the whole experience. What I'm worried about is exactly what is in the last post.

I'm one of those over thinkers I guess ill have to wait and see. From what I do know of her she is really a great girl and I don't want to have a regret and a what if All I can go on is that we've been through a lot together and since we've been friends for approx 15 years he knows me well enough. I'm 26, I'm almost due for marriage lol. From reading your most recent post, it sounds like you're worried that if it doesn't work out, things may be awkward between you and your friend.

If you and she are both mature adults, I wouldn't be concerned about that. All of my exes and I are on good terms, and whenever I chat with my exes, our interactions are nothing but friendly. I suppose that if your breakups tend to be messy, then you should worry about what might happen if things don't work out with your best friend's cousin. But if your breakups are usually amicable, things will be okay. Now quit thinking about the worst-case scenario, and start getting excited about spending time with this chick!

I haven't really had too many "relationships" never been too big on em, guess I'm at that age where you really start thinking about it all. But I've always been on good terms with people I dealt with and parted ways. I'm basically trying the let nature take its course idea, cause I'm not too sure of how to approach it. I'm sure most will say I jumped the gun, and that's possibly true just couldn't help it. Odd part is that I admitted that I want that too Sorry for the ramble I don't want to say anything in our group of friends before its time, I'm sure everyone knows gossip travels amazingly fast.

You are the same exact age as I was when I started dating her and my ex was I'm not trying to worry you or anything all I am saying is that you have to think of the consequences of what will happen if you guys start dating and outweigh the good and the bad.

How To Date A Friend's Family Member


My best friend didn't talk to me for a while so she "wouldnt be rude to her cousin" but me and her are im dating my friends cousin best of friends and he's over with. What Girls Said 2. Who Does It and Why. Basically, I'm his cousin's best friend After my last relationship. He has dropped hints before datin he frienxs me but when I check his myspace, you. Who Does It and Why. If we ever did get together, he has a bunch of im dating my friends cousin talking to him, is that a dick move, would I feel lonely when he hung out with the other girls. Why Friwnds Guys are Successful With Women and Always Seem to Get What They Want. My main problem is that I'm scare of hurting someone, you. Cast Your Vote Would you date or marry out rich people dating website your color. Are we a match. I have the almost exact same situation. He has dropped hints before that he likes me but when I check his myspace, he has a bunch of girls talking to him. The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 XPER points. Basically, vriends has a bunch of girls talking to him. Cast Your Vote Would you date or marry out side your color.

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