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Don't lie; it's fun. Anyway, just when I've thrown my hands in the air and loudly proclaimed, "THAT'S IT FOREVER AND ALWAYS DERRRRR DUUUUDE I'M SO DONE," another bizarre study is turned loose upon the media, unveiling shocking new truths about the perils of trying to sell your soul i. The latest such study comes from WhatsYourPrice.

In a press release, the site reveals the odd bit of info that, in examining the profiles of 7, male daters who were rejected by ladies, the top 5 words the men's profiles shared were "romantic," "adventurous," "fun," "mature," and "gentleman. Apparently, the term "romantic" made women vom the hardest 43 percent of the shunned men's profiles contained that word , followed by "adventurous" 19 percent. But … Why did those particular keywords turn so many women off?

I'd venture to offer that it's because they're a bit Women know when guys think they're being all clever 'n shit, spouting off exactly what they think we want to hear to help oh so subtly nudge us in the direction of getting naked, but the truth is … Most of them just don't. Truly know what we want to hear, I mean. I'm not saying that men can't or shouldn't be romantic -- if they really, truly are. Most of us appreciate a bit of romance -- I know I do, but only if it feels natural and sincere.

Seeing "I'm a hopeless romantic! These search results give some fascinating insight into the senior dating market in Australia. All of these sites are worth investigating and exploring — the challenge is to re-engineer and improve on what the best in the market are achieving. The starting point is analysis. The other advertised sites, listed on the right hand side, are those which are offering the highest cost per click rate to Google.

The natural search results are those deemed by Google to be the closest natural match to the search term. You will come to a screen like this: Now start to add in the specific search criteria: You will then start to generate keyword ideas based on the top placed senior dating sites in Australia. The search term results against the number 1 site for senior dating does just that. The key lesson here is not to think in stereotypes, but think like a prospective customer might.

In the long tail world of keywords, what might someone attach to a keyword phrase? Develop this thinking and explore potential keyword phrases to home in on your keyword terms and phrases. A further critical point to remember on these search results is that the search volumes are indicative only; the number does not represent how many clicks you will get. You will get a percentage of clicks depending on your position in Google; front page near the top gets the most share.

I will be covering this in a future article in much more depth, along with negative keywords and their importance, particularly in pay per click advertising. This initial level of keyword research is important as input into content that you need to create both on your web site and in associated blog posts which link to it. Content must be unique and include variations on keyword themes around senior dating. Google increasingly is looking for unique content and authority; this again will be covered in more depth in future articles.

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I actually posted a video on my YouTube Channel comparing between Anyoption and Topoption, dining room. I actually posted a video on my Keywords for dating sites Channel comparing between Anyoption and Topoption, check it out. The online mode of application is simple and less time-consuming? The online mode of application is simple istes less time-consuming.

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