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Glee Fanfiction Rachel And Sebastian Dating

Seeing a little shove and watching Sebastian back off, Rachel picked up her order and sat at a small table. Blaine and Kurt watched as Sebastian took the seat right next to her and once again laced his fingers with hers. Rachel, looking upset let go which seemed to get Sebastian riled up. Adjusting the scarf on her neck, Rachel looked around and laced her fingers back with his. They watched as Sebastian looked down and back up smiling at her. He leaned in and kissed her cheek as Kurt mumbled out " Disgusting meerkat.

Sebastian leaned in again, much to Kurt's distaste, and kissed Rachel several places before stopping at her ear and whispering something. Time to go and find out what's going on. Anything you want to tell us? We know something is going on between you two. If just now with seeing you two at the cash register to holding hands and kissing, well yesterday was a dead give away! Turns out Blaine here knew her and while on the phone with his boyfriend decided to inform him. You've got a lot of explaining to do.

Looking up Rachel was meet with Blaine's apologetic eyes. Sighing she loosened the scarf a bit as everything started to heat up. Placing her hand on Sebastian's knee she gave a firm squeeze before huffing out "What do you want to know? To each other I mean? Trying to discover if Sebastian is into women or men? After all he's done? You see I was whispering in my girlfriend's ear how last night I-" "-Sebastian don't or-or I'll say it.

It was obvious that Sebastian was trying to get Rachel riled up and that Rachel was trying to hide something. Of course last night you didn't need to elaborate, in fact it was pretty clear by the way you were-" "-woof. Blaine watched as Sebastian's eyes widened in what looked like-fear? Blaine had never seen that look on Sebastian's face before. Kurt being who he was, was oblivious to what was going on, while Blaine had a faint idea, and just decided to ask another question.

It is so not you skin tone color-" Seeing this as his chance Sebastian decided to take advantage of the situation. She jumped, Sebastian caught her in his arms and they kissed. In Front of Everyone. Then, everything went quiet. Hushed whispers filled the stage as Rachel was pulled, no yanked away by Finn. Rachel looked shocked and opened her mouth to reply, but before she could say anything Shue ushered everyone off stage before a fight broke out.

All Rachel could think was "Oh Shit. He pulled her away and kissed her. She shook her head, indicating a no, nervously. They're supportive no matter what," Sebastian said. Rachel's eyes filled with jealousy. Let me deal with this. Five minutes and I'll meet you and your family outside. But thanks for saying it. As soon as you got up there, I knew we wouldn't win.

Babe, you got a voice that no one can compete with. Shue and a few glee members were putting the regionals trophy in the cabinet. Kurt was sitting with Blaine and Finn looking pissed while everybody else was chatting away without a care in the world. Rachel quietly entered and every stopped to turn to her. Before Rachel could respond, Santana cut in. Obviously Rachel has got a new man and he sings, dances and looks better than you," Santana shot at Finn.

Yes, Sebastian and I are dating," Rachel began. And I really like him. He's witty, confident, intellectual and handsome. So get over it and let her finish. The Warblers are no longer our competition. I hope you all will be okay with this and support me because this guy means a lot to me. We should double date," Brittany chimed in. A few glee members left to the after party at Santana's house.

Finn, Kurt, Blaine and Rachel were the only ones left. Rachel turned to her best friend. Am I the only one who's going to state the obvious? You basically jumped into bed with the guy after our break up? The Rachel I knew would never do any of this," Finn said with anger. Sebastian may be sarcastic, cunning and calculating, but he is also caring, fun, handsome and a much better kisser than you and I do not need your approval.

She went right back up to Finn and kneed him in his privates. Kurt and Blaine, I will see you at the party later on tonight," Rachel stormed out of the room and right into Sebastian. Of course, his mother and sister gushed over Rachel all night. They absolutely loved her. He still remembers what his mom told him when Rachel went to the bathroom.

He glanced at Rachel, who was being extra-quiet at the moment. Sebastian braked hard and his jaw dropped. He stayed quiet for a while. Rachel watched as his knuckles turned white.

Rachel smugly smiled, glaring straight at Finn, but only Santana knows. Noah stared down at her before pulling her into a classroom. I was just wondering what duet you think we should sing. Noah stared down at her before christian dating in spanish her into a classroom. Noah stared down at her before pulling her into a classroom. Rachel and Sebastian are dating, sweeping out behind him. A few minutes later they both came up from air, Santana. What if someone saw you. It'll probably be awesome in our voices. What if someone saw you.

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