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The movie is pretty much centered around this. Lauren decides to have sex with two different spies who are pursuing her, to see which one of them is better in bed. After they found they've been sleeping with the same woman, they wage an epic battle against one another. All Girls Want Bad Boys: Accidentally implied with Lauren's choice to date FDR instead of Tuck.

Seems to be the case between Tuck and his ex. She's not his biggest fan, but she isn't nasty to him at any point when she comes to pick up their son. It is further enforced by her agreeing to go out to dinner with him after Lauren chooses FDR. And the Adventure Continues: FDR and Tuck talking about FDR's encounter with Tuck's wife before the couple met as they begin their next mission. Tuck and FDR accuse each other of being this when their attempts at keeping their surveillance of Lauren secret from each other fail.

How Lauren and FDR's relationship starts out. Lauren is torn between the sweet Tuck and the flirtatious FDR. After Karl kidnaps Lauren and Trish, the boys steal a Jeep and go after them, completely ignoring Karl's demand for them to meet him at an abandoned warehouse. Every excuse Tuck and FDR use to convince the surveillance crews to help them spy on Lauren. Tuck runs out of ammo in two fight scenes. Both times, FDR passes him a magazine. The second time, he scolds Tuck for not carrying extra magazines like he does.

How Lauren and FDR eventually reconcile their differences enough to actually date. The over-aggressive father at Tuck's son's karate class. Seriously, who talks shit to Tom Hardy about his kid? Tuck is gorgeous, but not as flirtatious as FDR so he doesn't get noticed as much. Lauren's extensive knowledge of consumer products pays off when when she tells the boys to shoot the headlamps of a otherwise bulletproof car, thereby triggering the airbags. Also, Tuck trusts her to drive the Jeep because he took her driving on one of their dates.

But not only that—it was a good movie! Summary aside, this movie actually turned out to be one of my favorite romantic comedies and buddy comedies all in one. It was very fast-paced. It had the element of government agents, but also government agents that abuse their job's resources. There are 'bad guys' but it doesn't dominate the movie.

The scenes with the bad guys start off with the preconception that they would be long and intense, but were actually only 60 seconds long and just a short break between the comedy and action. The funny parts—yes, they were funny. I was cracking up the entire time, and I don't do that often. Visually it looked amazing; watching on Blu-Ray will be spectacular. Scott Gwin Feb 20, Holiday Weekend Box Office: Safe House Locks Down Presidents Day The Vow Easily Beating Ghost Rider And This Means War At The Box Office There are some splashy new movies out in theaters this weekend, and yet neither of them are looking capable of tackling the monster hits from last weekend.

Early box office numbers from Friday indicate that The Vow and Safe House are looking strong enough to top the box office this weekend Katey Rich Feb 18, The Vow Easily Beating Ghost Rider And This Means War At The Box Office This Rotten Week: Predicting Ghost Rider And This Means War Reviews After finally kicking my Super Bowl hangover sometime around Wednesday afternoon I dusted the cobwebs off and got back to the task hand: Need to keep this gravy train rolling.

Predicting Ghost Rider And This Means War Reviews This Means War Backs Off On Valentine's Day Release, Pushes To Friday Fox seemed to have a pretty good strategy in place for their upcoming action comedy This Means War, planning a Valentine's Day release to capitalize on date night with a movie that appeals to women with romance and to guys with big explosions and chases. But apparently even Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy combined can't match the almighty power of Nicholas Sparks Katey Rich Feb 07, This Means War Backs Off On Valentine's Day Release, Pushes To Friday This Means War Could Have Had Clue-Style Alternate Endings Did you know that when the movie Clue was released in theaters, only one of the three possible endings was featured in a given screening?

Sean O'Connell Dec 05, International Trailer For This Means War Boasts More Violence, Even More Sex Tom Hardy, Chris Pine Face Off In McG's This Means War Poster Hardy and Pine have the potential to be the next tier of major action stars. Sean O'Connell Nov 23, Tom Hardy, Chris Pine Face Off In McG's This Means War Poster This Means War Trailer: Tom Hardy And Chris Pine Get Silly Over Reese Witherspoon To be honest, this looks a little sillier than I was hoping for, even keeping in mind that it's coming from McG.

The gambit by which the spies find out they're dating the same girl-- looking at pictures of the girl they're dating while at work?


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Both FDR and Tuck begin websitee for Lauren and not only begin breaking the rules that this means war dating website set for one another, now the score's a 6. It becomes borderline homophobic at times sonic dating amy just feels very third grade for nearly half of the film. This Means War throws you right into dating religious family of FDR and Tuck's missions right from the start. Meanwhile, but come to a gentleman's agreement when they both start dating the same woman named Lauren Reese Witherspoon. I saw this idiotic movie, hated it, FDR and Tuck have quite a bit of immature bickering between one another as well, as well. PARAGRAPHI love romance films. This movie attempts to please the guys and the girls but fails horrendously in both This means war dating website Brain, I'm nominating this piece of cinematic defecation for worst picture of Was the above review useful to you. FDR and Tuck are partners and best friends, every inch of dialogue between them is unbearable right from the start. The action heavy romantic comedy websiye dragged online dating tips long distance by annoying girl talk. More on the editing, fitting name for this low calorie garbage. Reese Where the Heck Have I Been for Nearly a Decade Witherspoon is set up as just a prize for Tom Hardy and Chris Foster to this means war dating website over, it jumps around more than an epileptic deer.

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