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Only five per cent of the men polled would choose a woman who is taller than them. The majority prefer a woman shorter than them 45 per cent or the same height 26 per cent. Of those polled, 24 per cent thought height was a moot point. An overwhelming majority 70 per cent of men polled thought the ideal woman should not have any children with only 15 per cent saying it did not matter and 10 per cent ready to tolerate one child. Few men prefer a woman with two children three per cent and even fewer two per cent would like her if she had three or more.

Only nine per cent of the men in the survey prefer a woman with more education than them, but the highest number 45 per cent would like someone with whom they are at par. Just 20 per cent want someone with less education and another 26 per cent thought it did not matter either way. Half of those polled prefer a woman who earns less money than they do, 35 per cent wanting those that earned the same and 15 per cent keen on those who get less than them.

Again, 50 per cent of the men polled preferred a woman who works part-time while 39 per cent were fine with women who worked full time. Just 11 per cent wanted women who did not work at all. Financial decisions The power struggle in relationships does not, however, spill over into money as 70 per cent of the men polled would prefer a woman who makes financial decisions jointly with them.

Only 17 per cent are comfortable making all the financial decisions on their own, against four per cent who would leave financial decision-making to the woman. A sizeable nine per cent said it did not matter. Although women like to think that men are all the same, age seems to make them as different as day and night. Kenyan men seem better and more open-minded in the lower age brackets. Younger men, for instance, are markedly different from their middle-aged and older counterparts in their preferences.

Those between 18 and 25 find strong independent Kenyan women very attractive and a good match for them while those who are over 35 see the same women as too intimidating and too much trouble. More men aged between 26 and 35 would like to have sex with their future wife on the first date than any other age group polled, with a significant number across the board keen on action after five dates.

Those between 18 and 25 would like to wait until they are married or at least after they are engaged. The same group had the highest number of people who did not think it did not matter. For men who are 35 years or older, cultural background is the most important determiner of their current relationship, followed by character and health, then trailed by level of education, love and affection, financial status and age, with physical appearance as the least consideration.

Men between 18 and 25 are smitten by good looks, conscious of age, interested in financial status before they figure out how much love and affection exists in their current relationships. On the same note, they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they succeed in life. Once a Kenyan man commits to you, you will not need to ask him to prove his loyalty as the sacrifices he will make for you will speak volumes.

The happiest of relationships are those that are run by a couple that knows how to live a realistic life. Kenyan men will not promise you the moon and the stars but they will give you all they have. They have seen tribal clashes and civil wars in other African countries and hence they know how to live life in the right perspective. This brings balance in the relationship hence another reason why you should date Kenyan men.

Kenya has always been on the top of tourism destinations and this is because of the variety of wildlife and nature bestowed upon it. This means that you will get to travel a lot as you date the Kenyan man. In addition, you will get to go overseas as well as African have relatives almost everywhere. This makes relationships with Kenyan men interesting hence a plus for them.

It has been said that there is nothing more romantic than a man who can cook. For the most part, Kenyan men have to learn to survive on their own hence they learn how to cook at an early age. Do you want to wake to find breakfast made for you? Date a Kenyan man. Would you like a man who always looks his best regardless of the occasion? If so, go Kenyan. These men will be found clean, shaven and with pressed clothes at all times.

This will make it easy for you to give him attention which is good for relationships. Kenyan men have been known to remain faithful to their culture and this means that if you date and marry a Kenyan man, your semi-African kids will be introduced to a new culture and learn another language. Kenyan families are big and this means that you will get to meet lots of relatives from his side.

Once you have kids, they will not lack cousins as playmates. The friendliness of the Kenyan man has been one thing that makes their relationships work. If you want a hard working man as a boyfriend and husband, get a Kenyan. Life in Kenya has taught them that nothing comes for free and hence they are not afraid to break a sweat.

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