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Walk Among The Treetops Everyone has to experience the magic and majesty of nature at MacRitchie Reservoir at least once in their life, so why not do it with your spouse or potential spouse? Rise bright and early and head to the Treetop Walk — a metre suspended pathway between the two highest points in MacRitchie, Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalan.

Head down to the Raffles Marina Club, grab a few glasses of vino, and enjoy the sea breeze. Soar Higher At the Marina Barrage, dating goes old school. The head up to the rooftop garden and let it loose into the open skies. If kites are too traditional for your tastes, get a Frisbee instead so you both can have some energetic fun.

Unleash Your Inner Picasso Spend a few hours getting to know your date among some blank canvases, a set of artist brushes and unlimited quantities of rainbow-coloured paint. Engaging in a physical activity also releases endorphins that will keep you alert and excited on your date. Look To The Stars Is true love on the cards for you and your significant other?

Get Lit With Cosmic Bowling Turn bowling on its head at the Orchid Bowl, where you and your loved one can cosy up to each other in a glow-in-the-dark setting. Here's some deep conversational topics to get you started on your next date. If you could live one place in the world other than here, where would you want to live? If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

What is your most treasured memory? Picnics leave a lasting impression because of the fun they bring, be it the preparation, the food, or the time spent together. You can always decide how you want to show your form of affection through the food that you make: Some of these are sports bars as well, where you can yell at the screen with your fellow supporters. Maison Ikkoku via Facebook Stay away from the usual suspects, and stealthily skedaddle your way to these hidden bars and speakeasies in Singapore instead.

Finding the entrance is just half the fun! Chug a cocktail… of ants?! NATIVE on Amoy Street is one of our favourites, offering its notorious cocktail garnished with real ants. The Antz cocktail at NATIVE Enjoy craft beer at hawker centres Think Tiger is the only local beer we produce? Local breweries are popping up in the unlikeliest of places, but they sure are close to our hearts. Thirsty for crafty local lagers and stunning saisons.

Try your hand at making Masterchef dishes credit: Brandished with a 2,sqft open kitchen, up to 75 participants can cook up a storm in one session — perfect for team bonding sessions. Unleash your inner Legolas Or Robin Hood… whomever you prefer. While there are countless ways to get fit in Singapore, few combine fitness and play as seamlessly as archery. O School via Facebook Bust a move like Gene Kelly Wanna get rid of your two left feet, or wish to impress on the dancefloor with more than just the Funky Chicken?

Shimmy into these dance classes in Singapore for an energetic education; learn everything from ballet and jazz, to hip-hop and tap-dancing. Singapore Judo Club via Facebook Also, with Singaporean athletes like Angela Lee putting Singaporean MMA on the map, martial arts classes and Muay Thai classes have become more appealing in the past couple of years too. Experience storytelling in its most raw form While music and visuals can eloquently tell stories, nothing gets the message across more articulately than words.

Instead of buying a mass-produced souvenir in Singapore, why not make your own creation at these craft workshops in Singapore , offering pottery, printmaking, sewing, terrariums and more. One with a killer view, of course! Take your romance to new heights by having a meal amongst the stars. Comedy Masala via Facebook Take on an escape room challenge Calling all Houdinis!

Weekend Dating Guide: Singapore Edition (27-30 Jan)

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I noticed from the comments here that there are many foreigners who are highly critical of Singaporeans and Singapore normal dating websites a whole. But if you look outside the clubbing and SPG circles, masculine. The comment about Singaporean women was kinda myopic though, I think the paternalistic. I noticed from the comments here that weekend dating singapore are many foreigners who are highly critical of Singaporeans and Singapore as a whole. Have you actually READ what I have written, rather than just xl dating norge wallets. What is missing is well rounded people who can figure out how to live for themselves instead of a vision on how they weekend dating singapore live painted by the government? OH MY NAME Cheers from India. And not all the club girls are gold diggers. DC Hello I am a Singaporean dating online catholic and i read this article and its comments with some amusement. I need not remind the author that sweeping accusations smack of bigotry and ignorance, it is probably not worth it trying to bed Singapore girls since for the same effort you could get hotter girls elsewhere, or are you just trying to wind people up to the extent life as you know it on the island is essentially over. Laughing Expat I know what you mean. This means that the Singapore girls you would even consider dating tend to have a high sense of self-entitlement by virtue of the masses of unattractive females raising their relative market value. And yes, the first week I was back. Not all the girls in Singapore hang out in clubs.

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