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For the older blind youngster, however, it is very desirable that he or she have money available to pay for gas, use public transportation, or perhaps to pay someone for driving--and thus not be simply dependent on others. In other respects as well, every youngster should always have enough independence to be able to leave a dating situation or a group if circumstances become undesirable or threatening. We used to call it "mad money".

The blind youngster who is assertive and can use a telephone need not be at a loss for alternative ways to get home. A young blind woman once told me of a teacher's saying to her. You are attractive enough to marry a sighted man. The National Federation of the Blind emphatically disagrees with all these implied statements, briefly commenting as follows: However, although sight is a helpful thing to have, it does not make a person "better", either in intrinsic value as a person, or as a partner in marriage.

The blind individual is wisest to date a variety of people, and to choose the marriage partner sighted or blind who is best suited for him or her based on all characteristics. Also, the attitude of each partner toward blindness is far more important than the mere fact of being blind or sighted. A blind person with a reasonable degree of poise and competence can fit in socially on the same basis as others.

This need be no more of a problem for the blind than for others. Having dealt with the statements implied by the teacher's remark, let us consider her original remark itself. No doubt you have heard many variations of the comment, "She does so well, we would never know she is blind. Compare the remark sometimes made to a sighted person, "You drive so well I almost forget you are a woman!

When possible, try to avoid statements such as the above, and say instead, "My, you are getting to be an attractive young woman! He or she may not be invited to certain social functions. A parent may object to a son or daughter dating a blind youngster. Friends may try to "mother" your youngster instead of including him as an equal. We suggest approaching this problem in two ways simultaneously.

First, help your youngster to realize that all teenagers face problems such as these. James Dobson states that the current social environment makes all teenagers feel 1 ugly, 2 dumb, and 3 unloved. Many rejections are simply the same kind of thing that happens to everybody. At the same time, there are indeed specific misunderstandings and prejudice regarding blindness.

It is most helpful for you and your teenager to talk with other blind people of various ages and discuss in detail how they handle such matters. The National Federation of the Blind will gladly put you in contact with blind people in your area, and also to provide you with written materials about the subjects discussed in this article. Help your youngster develop confidence and assertiveness so that he or she does not appear helpless. It is most unwise to try to avoid the problem by trying to hide the fact of blindness, as by leaving one's cane at home, holding a printed menu, etc.

If this is done, misunderstandings and mistakes tend to grow instead of decrease, and the blind individual is unable to use important alternative techniques such as the cane for independent travel. My husband and I met at a "Young Adult Fellowship". Selina only knows how to do the house chores and is used to the constant abuse by her mother and grandfather which whom she lives with.

Selina is as fragile and naive as a small child. Although blind, Selina doesn't let that get in the way. Visits to the park and her small job of beading necklaces are how she and Gordon Poitier actually meet. Hartman's performance is the rare gem of it all. I didn't really like Winters in this role. But because she played it so well I can say that I liked it.

Winters plays Rose-Ann D'Arcy, a middle aged, foul mouthed prostitute who's also Selina's mother. It is her fault that Selina is blind. Her fault that Selina was raped and her fault that life is the way it is for Selina. But Rose-Ann doesn't care about anyone but herself. She bad mouths her own father and physically abuses Selina. She has a short temper and makes money the best way she knows how.


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I did and started dating her. Because I have not even met a blind woman I am just guessing but I would think that they would trust you more and have more faith in your decisions. And a few months of him tryin to reach me never once did he stop trying to pursue me we reconnected and i know that he is the love of my life and he would make a great husband. My parents are so proud of have him for a son in law and I am proud to have him for a husband. I simply do not understand why people are so wierd. Back to the topic. That kind blind girl dating black the man I want to have in my life. I am 43 white male. We have had no issues or problems at all. PARAGRAPHI mI personally looking to get back to dating. The first time he came visit we went for holiday around nz for a week and we did have sex. I simply do not understand why people are so wierd. I did and started dating her. First out nailsea dating a date don't think shes blind and you should have sex with her.

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