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Dating A Daddyless Daughter

It is okay to let go of the past. Your father may be a deeply flawed human being but like all of us he was only doing what he knew how to do. What kind of trauma must he have experienced that his concept of parenting wound up being so flawed? Release the hope that the past could have been any different. When you are unable to be forgiving toward the person who gave you life, you hold you both hostage.

Forgiveness is a gift of letting go that you give yourself. Forgive the man and the circumstances. Parental abandonment takes many forms with those of us who experienced it having deep and longstanding wounds. Many of us shut down because being vulnerable and open to being hurt by anyone feels like weakness. If you want to have healthy loving relationships, romantic and familial, you must learn to be vulnerable. In fact, it can be downright terrifying. However, this is the key to everything you want.

Feeling your feelings is a strength, not a weakness. You are not alone. If you feel that not having a father is affecting your relationships, be courageous enough to get the support you need. Fatherlessness is an epidemic. Get an amazing therapist, counselor, coach, or support group. Talk about your feelings in an open and honest way. If you are raising another generation of fatherless children get support so that your kids can break these patterns. Build up your own self-acceptance, self-love, and self-worth.

Realize that even if you had the most amazing mom in the world, you may have some healing to do. A father who is absent on purpose perpetrated a form of emotional child abuse on you and your family. Whether or not your father ever acknowledges you, you are worthy and deserving of being loved. Congrats on taking the first step on your journey from abandonment to healing.

Experiment with dating outside of your type if you always go for those who echo your abandonment. It may seem like a stretch at first but it will be worth it. The more secure you become in your sense of self, the less you will be interested in anyone who disagrees with your worthiness. Trending on MadameNoire Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section.

XOXO-MN curiousk Back in the mids a black sociologist at Harvard wrote that it was a white cultural value that men should stick around and care for their kids. Friend of a friend got several pregnant, and when I asked if he was helping with child rearing, my friend said the girls were just too flaky for his friend to be concerned with that.

On another note, certainly the girls are responsible for what they are doing, and their kids suffer the consequences. If all girls did as they should, men would have to shape up. Make sense to anyone? At that point I was forced to see him as a broken man unable to do better by me. I also placed an unreasonable burden on those guys to compensate for the disappointment and emptiness I felt from my father and other men that let me down. I got therapy and have since been healed.

If you can look at your father as a pint and yourself as a gallon, then you can see that he is giving you all the pint he has in terms of love. So, it is you who has to adjust your expectations down from a gallon and to accept that he is a pint and limited in what he can give. His limits have nothing to do with your value. They have only to do with his limits. Live Your Own Life: Father's tend to take the role of the dictator, mentor and guide in raising a pioneer rather than a princess.

However, you are here to live the life of your dreams, not to meet the dreams and needs your father may have for you. Being good-enough will have to come from your own idea of your life and your passions and not from his approval or disapproval. In living your own life you are letting him know that he can no longer control you or dictate your path. Now that you are an adult, you are on the same level as your father.

You are not a vulnerable child anymore, dependent upon him. You can relate to your father as one adult to another and if you can look at the bigger picture and see him for the weak or unhealthy man that he is and for whatever reason he wasn't able to communicate with you or love you well, you can generate empathy for him a little easier. Acknowledge the holes he left in your heart but stop expecting that he can or will heal those hurts for you because clearly he is not capable. Know When to Let Go: If your relationship with your father is full of continual abandonment and rejection this is very painful.

Your father, due to his own life experiences, has shut down. There may come a time you will have to come to accept that there is nothing you can do to affect any change or to get him to see you the way you deserve to been seen. It is incredibly painful but there are father's out there who are totally incapable of a relationship. Grieve this as a significant loss and let go. Set yourself free of that baggage, of all his negative messages, let him be who he is but no longer let him infect you and make you feel small in your own life.

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Is Being A Fatherless Daughter Affecting Your Love Life?

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