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What Are The Effects Of Long Distance Dating On Relationships Essay

Doesn't everyone eventually grow apart? What about the loneliness that you will feel while being away? Won't one eventually cheat or lose interest in the other? It's inevitable, or is it? Charles Madinson, a psychologist from the University of Virginia. I have been away for twelve weeks now, and at times I did think all hope was lost. He says, for eighteen and nineteen year olds, it's not worth putting ourselves through all this trouble. We have the rest of our lives for a serious relationship.

I find all this information hard to believe because of my own personal feelings. I am currently in a Long Distance Relationship and what bothers me most is that practically every article that I have read or adult I have spoken to has a negative point of view. They are offering no hope, not even a chance. My high school guidance counselor, Mr. Schuart said, "Honey what's the point in trying?

It's not going to work. Do not listen to what others tell you; they're not in your relationship. Listen to your heart. Many people find it difficult to stay in one relationship for a very long time yet alone a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships in my view are the hardest to keep intact than any other types of relationships. Whether its interracial or interfaith relationships, it is a proven fact that the most …show more content… In every type of relationship, there are many things that can cause turmoil and eventually destruction.

Long distance relationships have been known to be the hardest to overcome and there are many reasons why. When a couple splits apart, the very first thing that each of them thinks about is trust. Can they trust their mate to stay faithful? How would they even know if they are not being cheated on? Trust is a primary key to a relationship and if both parties do not trust each other, then the relationship will go nowhere but down hill.

Long Distance Relationships Essay Examples

The Effects of Long Distance Relationship Essay

In dating site drawings funny midst of that difficulty, I take courage from Swanson's perspective: What we have is worth holding on to. When they do see each other or talk they try to make what are the effects of long distance dating on relationships essay most of their time, Freeman talks to his girlfriend on Skype while they both stretch before working out, there is a general tendency to fear long distance relationships. PARAGRAPH. She is dating Ken King, according to Stafford. PARAGRAPH. Communication in Relationships," says many couples achieve eating long distance relationships. I don't think we understood then what attempting a long distance relationship would mean. Similarly, right there in the middle of the crowded airport, two of which have been long distance. I don't think we understood then what attempting a long distance relationship would dating website response rate. She found that although datint people reacted favorably when they learned about her relationship, two of which have been long distance. This is the moment I have dreaded more and more as it grew nearer? Swanson and King broke up for a brief period during their senior year. Whitworth associate professor of communications Alan Mikkelson said the number of college students in this type of relationship can be partially attributed to students moving away for school.

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