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Dating A Texas Girl

That's what BBQ is, so please don't invite me to "a BBQ" and serve me a hamburger. And a taco snob. Why are tacos — especially good tacos — so hard to find outside of Texas?! If you want to impress me, find me a bomb-ass taco truck and take me there for dinner. I'm not fancy, I just want a filling meal from a place that knows what real salsa is and will offer me a choice of tortillas.

A post shared by Amy Odell instamyodell on Mar 17, at 5: And especially a breakfast taco snob. If I stay over and you want to win my heart forever, make me a breakfast taco in the morning. If you don't like spicy food, I'll probably think you're a sissy. Mild salsa does not exist in my world. My uniform is cutoffs, flip-flops, and a tank top.

If we're doing something in warm weather that's not attending a wedding and you expect me to dress up more than that, you better tell me in advance. I have ridden horses, but mostly just at summer camp. And no, that's not how we get around back home. We drive cars with the radio turned up and the air conditioning on blast. The perfect day of tubing includes a cooler full of breakfast tacos, beer, and wine coolers.

I have a sweet straw hat and water-friendly shoes I wear for tubing and tubing alone. We won't sit around and base our happiness on every text you send. We don't play games and we expect you to give us the same courtesy. Out of all of these qualities, the biggest is that we know what's important. We aren't about to cry over something that doesn't matter. We understand that family comes first, which means you won't be able to find someone more dedicated to making sure your family adores us.

But at the same time, if our family has doubts about you we'll kindly show you the door. We'll make the best out of any situation because we get the importance of living every day to the fullest. We're the girls that will dance in the rain and play in the mud, not complain about being wet and sit in the truck if y'all get us stuck again. When it boils down to it, we're attitude-throwing, boot-wearing, eye-lash-batting sweethearts that can drive a truck as good as the boys and wear a dress better than the other girls.

Our independence is rivaled only by that of this great state. Thou shalt nurture her appetite. Thou shalt not keep her inside all summer. Thou shalt learn everything about Texas. When did Texas become a state? Thou shall give her Sundays for football. Just work your time together around football.

17 Things to Know Before Dating Someone From Texas

15 Things You Should Know About Dating a Texas Woman

Thou shalt also show up at least occasionally with a bag of Shipleys. Grab some koozies on your cerpen kawin paksa dengan tengku sombong out the door, being helped in and out of the car. Thou shalt keep dating a texas girl mind that college football season is a perfect date season. Thou shalt grab the door datkng the check. PARAGRAPHThou shalt be brushed up on thy two step. Thou shalt know local bodies of water. Thou shalt keep in mind that college football season is a perfect date season. Thou shalt own boots. PARAGRAPH. Thou shalt just order the queso.

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