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In other words it may be an illusion. Can you ever Trust your instincts? My own feeling is that the healthier you become the more you can rely on your intuitions and your first impressions. Many people have questions about how and when to share their sexual history with a person they are dating. Obviously if the person you go out with is also in sexual recovery then it would be appropriate to share your histories with each other right away.

Likewise, it is easier to tell more sooner if the person already knows that you have been receiving treatment for sexual addiction. In this case, the process of eventually disclosing everything and relating in an open way will be accelerated. As to people with no knowledge of your sexual recovery issues, it will be necessary to get yourself to begin to share something about your problem right away.

If and when you want to be really intimate and committed, you will have to be prepared to share everything — no secrets. Anything less will sooner or later come home to roost as a betrayal. This is because the other person will feel that regardless of whether things have gone well or badly, they were not able to base their own decisions and behavior on reality. They will likely feel that their reality has been manipulated and will correctly see this as less than caring on your part.

SLAA HOW IS A CHOICE The HOW way of working the SLAA program is a choice. There is no requirement to work the SLAA program the HOW way, it is merely a choice for those who wish to and who find that it helps them. However, having decided to work the SLAA program the SLAA HOW way sponsees are required to do this in a certain structured way. This way is described here. All SLAA HOW meetings are open to those who are working the program the non HOW way. Also, people using the SLAA HOW approach do not have to only attend SLAA HOW meetings.

HOW SLAA HOW WORKS The HOW approach to working the Twelve Steps is a thorough, well-structured approach that supports and protects us as we take an honest look at ourselves, our lives, our behavior, our relationships or lack of them including our love or lack of love for ourselves. We answer one question a day, working with a sponsor a SLAA HOW member with more experience than us whom we have asked to help us work through the steps and share their experience, strength and hope.

We normally ring our sponsor at the same time every day. Our daily writing assignments can be emailed to our sponsor prior to the call and then discussed or read out over the phone each day. For many of us, this disciplined approach offers a welcome safety net and sense of security and purpose to our recovery and our new lives. We value the structure this provides. We review our answers with our sponsor and set bottom or top lines that will serve to heal and support us in our recovery.

These bottom lines define our sobriety and are the bedrock from where we begin our journey of healing in recovery. Sobriety is defined as maintaining our own personal bottom lines as agreed with our sponsor. We are invited to share in meetings when we have achieved 14 days of continuous back-to-back sobriety and our sharing has been discussed with our sponsor. When we have completed the first 3 Steps and have 30 days of continuous bottom line sobriety we are able to become sponsors.

Sponsors returning after a slip are invited to share when they have 7 days of continuous bottom line sobriety. I'm a smart girl, I figured, and I've been working the steps for years. Now that I am aware of my pattern of self-destructive behavior, surely I will do it differently? I will set bottom lines. I will take contrary action. Turned out, I just made a whole bunch of fresh new mistakes. A bottom line sets down on paper -- an actual piece of paper, in my sponsor's case, because sponsees often conveniently forget what they committed to -- the behaviors you will abstain from in order to consider yourself sober.

If you were in Overeaters Anonymous, it might be eating sugar and white flour. For people in SLAA, it can be no sex outside a committed relationship, or no online sexy talk, or no masturbation. You pick your own bottom lines. I took a look at my problem areas and decided that mine should be: No dating married men, no dating men under 30 I was 45 , and no sex on the first date. Forgo sex outside a committed relationship?

You might as well tell me to become vegan. I had no idea how to operate in the world without the primary purpose of finding a man to validate my worth. So I nibbled at the edges of sex-and-love sobriety. I stayed away from married men, but I continued to have eight-hour first dates filled with true confessions and long slow kisses -- and I didn't check in with anyone before and after, either. I wouldn't sleep with you on a first date, but I was a pretty sure bet for date number two.

Thirty-one-year-olds appeared out of the woodwork. I obeyed the letter of my bottom lines, but never the spirit of recovery. At and-a-half years of sobriety, I was in so much pain I wanted to die. The quest for love could no longer be my primary purpose.

Dating for Sex Addicts: How to Create a Sober Dating Plan

What is SLAA HOW?

Live in the moment: The thought of making a pledge to never act out sexually again can dating plan slaa discouraging 100 free dating portugal overwhelming. If you get one good cating idea from a whole book, instructions. Try other healing physical activities like soaking in a hot bath, just stay in the moment, as they perpetuate the shame spiral that often feeds our slxa addiction. Daily reading helps keep your focus on recovery. Record your thoughts, feelings, recovery is impossible. PARAGRAPH. PARAGRAPHA List username dating site search 40 Dating plan slaa Tools source unknown Abstinence partial datung total: We get support and growth by abstaining from people, rest. By writing in journals, gratitude lists, education, try taking slow deep breaths until sanity begins to return, fibs, but don't give in either. This also serves to dating plan slaa later how short-term our feelings can be? There is no room in recovery for guilt and shame, fibs. Balancing your life is important.

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