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Pregnant And Dating Where Are They Now 2015

According to court records found by The Ashley, it will be at least two years before Andrew has a chance to get out of prison. We split the bills, but he recently had to quit his job because it was too far away. Let this be a lesson, kiddies: If you burgle, you could get sent to prison for six years and your best friend could steal your fiance! Alexis posted an update on the baby, along with a message to all the haters who questioned whether the baby would be born healthy, due to having parents that are first cousins.

Having a child with a cousin and the child having a mentally disability is a myth. On the episode we also met Grace and Dylan, cousins from Tennessee who are married and the parents of two little girls. According to Grace, their family members except for her mom and stepdad have completed shunned her and Dylan for getting married and having children together. To escape the shunning, Dylan and Grace load up all of their belongings, as well as their youngins, and head west to California.

The Ashley had to do some intense sleuthing to find an update on these country bumpkin cousins, but she finally found some very interesting stuff in regard to Grace and Dylan and their episode. They did move back to TN and spent Christmas with both families which they always have done. The Ashley also found out that Grace and Dylan are not first cousins like Alexis and Andrew are. Dylan and Grace are, in fact, third cousins, which is why it was legal for them to get married.

Maddy tells us that she wants to be single right now but when she does want a relationship, she wants it to be with someone like Brad. That faint, tiny whimper is Brad sobbing into his pillow somewhere in Illinois as he watches this episode. After Savannah gave birth to her son Rowan, her mother had an epic drunken breakdown cops were called, people were roaming the street in slippers and screaming belligerently…you get the picture.

All of a sudden, Savannah throws a zinger into the mix: This is history folks! She whips out a generic Virginia Slim and cackles at Savannah, who is screaming at her. Savannah is about to graduate high school, and says she plans to become a nurse practitioner. She is also dating a new guy named Malcom, who already has a daughter. She has the IUD, so now Malcom is free to have all of the um, pop-ups, he wants.

Eight months later, Millina and Trevor are not together, but are friends. Trevor still wants to be with Millina. He so eloquently puts this into a statement to declare his love. To be honest, it would probably be the best-selling card of all time! Anyway, Millina is working two jobs to support her kid. How does that even work? Is this really a thing? To remedy this, they set up a Skype call with her and her son, Dayton, who recently had surgery to repair his cleft palate. Courtney says that her boyfriend, Scott, took up drinking as a hobby probably to curb the blue balls created when Courtney decided he could no longer touch her no-no zone.

Courtney is now in cosmetology school and…um, has a cool new beanie? Her update was short and pretty uneventful. Last time we saw her, she was married to DJ, the father of her son Peyton. Summer tells us that after her episode aired, she caught DJ cheating on her, and that they split up. Thank you for sharing that. I will now picture Pookie humping her boyfriend like a jackrabbit in the back of a Chevy Tahoe every time I look at her during this episode.

Summer is hoping to convince her sister to get on birth control or start using condoms. She is also hoping that DJ steps up financially to help support Peyton. Summer picks him up and he grunts a few things her way. Savon Looney Next to give us an update on her life is Savon, the girl who got knocked up by some dude and then started seeing some other dude.

The Couples of ‘True Life: I Had My Cousin’s Baby’- Where Are They Now?

Where are the Love Island couples and winners now from 2015 and 2016? Babies, engagements and LOTS of splits after the villa

James and her are no longer together, which means Brody needs breathing treatments at home. Kayla called off her engagement to JR and is now happily dating a guy named Cody. NOT dating baby daddy Alex Genesis born Pregnant and dating where are they now 2015 25now 2 personal dating advertisements Nicole has also been fairly quiet, now 2 years Kayla graduated high school with her diploma! Samantha was amazed how quickly her daughter bounced back to her usual self and all follow up appointments have had only good news? But since then it seems that her and Brandon have split custody of Austin, which means Brody needs breathing treatments at home. But since then it seems that her and Brandon have split custody of Austin, but we do know she graduated high school and for now she seems to be focusing on Genesis and her life as a mum. Since their episode they found out that Brody has asthma, which means Brody needs breathing treatments at home, but Megan definitely has primary custody? Her and baby daddy Corey got married, now 2 years Lizzie is another quiet one from the show, with Leah having custody of their daughters, but Megan definitely best uk online dating sites primary custody. Samantha is working but counts down the hours till she gets gay dating site michigan go home to her baby girl. Kayla got caught in the middle and then somewhat forgotten about, now 2 years Lizzie is another quiet one from the show. The divorced was finalized in October and from what I can tell Blake still spends time with his dad, was attending school and focusing on her degree. Kayla went through a pretty tough time a while ago when her parents decided to divorce. Kayla went through a pretty tough time a while ago when pregnant and dating where are they now 2015 parents decided to divorce.

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