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In the Marriage and Parenthood Study , a survey commissioned by the National Population and Talent Division, 83 per cent of single respondents indicated that they wanted to get married. Why are people not marrying? If so many people want to put a ring on it, why is it not happening? Older singles Life interviewed say the challenges they faced include ambivalent attitudes towards dating, dwindling social circles, a mismatch in expectations and a self-sufficient lifestyle.

This might seem counter- intuitive at first glance. By all accounts, dating culture should be burgeoning in Singapore with the growth of online dating and dating apps such as Tinder. Moreover, dating agencies in Singapore have also seen a rise in demand from older singles - as well as interest from divorcees and widows. CompleteMe, a dating agency with a 3,strong database, set up a personalised matchmaking service for aboves last year that has since seen a 40 per cent rise in customers.

Ms Anisa Hassan, managing director of It's Just Lunch Asia, which matchmakes professionals over a meal, says: Now, more divorced persons have come forward. Now, 40 per cent are divorced and 10 per cent are widowed. But attitudes are hard to change: There is still a lingering sense of embarrassment and conservativism about putting oneself out there, especially for older people in the dating pool here. The problem seems to be worse online. Ms Yeo, for example, sees a marked contrast between men in Singapore and those from abroad.

When American men sent her online messages via OkCupid, an international dating website, she could find and identify them on Facebook and LinkedIn. Dating in Singapore was far less transparent. Some said on their profiles that they were married but were looking for 'friends'," she says. Dating can be exhausting There are also those who find online dating exhausting, meeting person after person on first date after first date. Mr Benjamin Koh above.

Lim Yaohui for The Straits Times Take bachelor Benjamin Koh, 36, a consultant in learning and development at a corporate training firm, who three years ago gave up on the Lovestruck app he used to meet people. He found the constant search for romantic possibilities tiring and fruitless. I'd think, maybe another girl would be better," he says, which would spur him to get on the dating treadmill again. Having given up on dating apps, he says he still wants to find a wife who shares his Christian faith.

Now he is looking among his church circles. Shrinking social circles Another common reason that older singletons give about their lack of prospects is their shrinking social circles. As they get older, more of their friends get hitched and start families. The friends have less time to hang out and have fewer new friends to recommend as possible matches. Kang, 40, who has never had a relationship, puts it this way: We tend to get 'more single'.

Her bed's not that clean. The Vegan Yoga Gal Her strengths: She's got great skin and a long neck, and she gives you long back rubs with wacky oils. All that deep breathing means she rarely flies off the handle, and you value this perhaps even more than you value her amazing, high, tight rear, which is saying a lot. Strauss says, "This is a woman who really wants to make a deep connection with life, and a man who wants the same could be really into her.

Remember, Strauss notes, "These women are almost exclusively interested in men who are into the same stuff they are. She's just as Kama Sutra-esque as you were hoping — but no quickies. She likes it slow and soulful. The Alpha Female Her strengths: She graduated from junior college, went right to law school, and then to work without taking a vacation. She's hard to keep up with.

Ironically, it's not the alpha dog who should try dating her. She has a lot in common with alpha males, but these relationships are too intense. Coburn cautions that pushover types are often attracted to such women, and some alpha females — the sadistic ones — are attracted right back. She's efficient and skilled, but she can be more than sufficiently animal if you help her let her guard down.

The Intimacy Junkie Her strengths: She goes to yoga, too, but it's the easy kind that's more about "connection to the self" than sculpting a smoking bod. So what if she's a little in your face. The sex is amazing. Strauss likes women like this. Very intense, very into connecting. The intimacy junkie makes you feel great at first. She's so into you and your feelings. She'll do anything, including some things that scare you. The word harness comes to mind.

Tell her you'll do it if she gets waxed. The 4 Riskiest, Most Dangerous Sex Positions 6.

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