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So, to start, we have a very intimate Lobster and Champagne Supper in Knightsbridge in April. We are nearly fully booked, but a couple of places remain so please do get them while you can. Of course we have more events, these are just an amuse bouche. You may or may not know that our super-friendly CEO, Tina Bradley has been running The Michelin Star Lunch Club since the beginning of Now how do I bake a brownie??

She also has many exciting contacts so that must-do events never pass her by. The future for Elan. But for a very short period, you will be able to experience the magic of a few of our exclusive events prior to membership. As a member, you can expect at the very least two exquisite events per month with like-minded sophisticated executives; Dinner parties, cocktail parties, the English Social Season, very high profile speakers and more.

Fantastic contacts, great socialising, wonderful people, meet the love of your life? How does it work? At each event the roles of Host and Guest will be assigned to a gender. The Hosts prepare, cook and serve to their Guests a three-course meal at their own home nominated location within the group. Guests will travel via Uber X to three pre-arranged Host houses to enjoy a starter, main and dessert at each house.

All groups will meet three different groups 12 people throughout the dinner. Events are currently taking place in SW London, therefore, each Host nominated location must be within SW London and the Soirees will be expanding across London later this year. Location only affects those who are playing Host for the evening as they must be in close proximity so Guests can roam between courses easily.

Guests, however, are welcome to come from further afield. GIRL GROUPS will play guests for the evening, providing fine wine and excellent company as they rotate around the host houses in this unique and exciting experience. How the night works is simple:

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