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Dating Gets Harder As You Get Older

You Know the Red Flags When you're just getting started in the dating scene, you might be stricken unaware with a destructive personality type or some other type of disastrous potential mate. In your 30s and 40s, you'll be much more privy to the red flags. You Have More Responsibilities Chances are, you have your life together more when you re-enter the dating scene. You might have a demanding career, one or more children or other significant responsibilities in your life.

The point is, you're less flexible and dating is never your first priority. You're More Straightforward Asking someone out on a date when you're young is an awkward, coy affair, but once you're a little older, the whole process becomes much more blunt and straightforward. You're much more willing to be upfront with your intentions, for better or for worse.

You're OK With Nights In When you're young, you want to go out -- and even if you don't, you know everybody else is going out, so you feel pressured to go out. When you're a little older, you and your potential partners are all a little more comfortable with spending the night in or turning in before midnight. The dating world might be different when you're older, but that doesn't mean it's any less fun -- in fact, if you go in prepared, many people find it an even more enjoyable experience.

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How Dating Changes As You Get Older

Why “Hooking Up” Is Harder As You Get Older

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