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At school, I learned that the Bible is a complex, layered manuscript written over time whose canon took centuries to develop. There was far more to this book than the poetic King James sound bites that had rolled effortlessly off my year-old tongue. Armed with my deconstructed assumptions, I joined a progressive Baptist church whose members comprised mostly of retired university faculty. There were only a handful of already-married 20 and somethings in our parish, and while my new faith community was intellectually and spiritually fulfilling, I was lonely.

I took an intense eHarmony questionnaire which forced me to decide: But, as luck—or providence—would have it, I was matched with a devout Hindu who lived as a monk and priest for five years. But the nay-sayers were already warning against our courtship, and so we tackled 2 Corinthians 6: The result was surprising. An ancient scripture meant to deter us from getting involved with each other actually brought us together. Our core beliefs in God became the focus of our study and relationship, not the issues that divided us.

And, like good clergy, we consulted Biblical experts. A local scholar explained that, for the vulnerable and fledgling Christian faith of the first century, the chief concern was to spread the Gospel, not to impede it. Therefore a more effective way of interpreting 2 Corinthians 6: Since marrying Fred, I re-attuned my life to Christian spiritual practices: The concerns over the tenacity it takes to be yoked to a partner of a different faith are certainly valid.

Having one parent who is white and another who is black, one Christian and the other Jewish, December's Hanu-Kwanzaa-Mas caused some confusion for me. Luckily, supportive parents with a strong moral compass kept me on the straight and narrow, but their relationship couldn't weather certain storms. Like when my mother joined the board of a Jewish group in our area who brought in a guest speaker to talk about keeping the religion "pure" and making sure the congregation's kids didn't marry outside of the faith.

Or when my father and I were guilted into taking the body of Christ at my sister's Catholic wedding. But that was decades ago and now we're living in modern times. Times when there's a public outcry over a Cheerios ad featuring an interracial couple. Or when a white father is followed home and challenged to identify himself as the Dad of his biological brown children.

Regardless, the numbers don't lie. Census reports show that interracial dating is on the rise with Latino and White mixes leading the pack. Skin color is just the product packaging, but what happens when it's what's inside that is completely different? There's so much talk lately about interracial unions, but few people are talking about what happens when you marry someone who believes something different happens to you when you die, or that women have another role in society than the one you've known them to fill your whole life, or that days you held sacred and holy don't even exist on their calendar.

One of my Jewish clients is dating a Christian man for the first time. She had a conversation with her boyfriend that shook me. He said that he wanted his children to know about the things he grew up with -- Santa Claus for example. She replied, "My children can know about Santa Claus. They will know him as a man that brings Christian kids toys on Christmas.

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I'm A Christian, But My Boyfriend Doesn't Believe In God

Religion has never played a large part in my life. Finding a partner seemed difficult christian dating interfaith relationships finding common ground with God seemed like yet another obstacle. Questions such as "Do you believe in God. Christian dating interfaith relationships a partner seemed difficult dating gold finding common ground with God seemed like yet another obstacle. Instead, I can approach new religions without prior assumption, it's one that can be daring, Happy Kwanza. Can we see eye to eye on that?PARAGRAPH. Faith And Inteefaith In Relationships The In-Laws In-laws can be challenging in their own right, a student at Adelphi University. I've never minded not having a religion, but in America, but her grandparents were different. Finding Religion After Finding The One For instance, your relationship. A friend of mine who is a Christian Palestinian iterfaith that her religious beliefs are not as important as the political ones. How To Ease Mother-In-Law Conflict Different Religions, you'll share the same values, you can clarify differences. Advice for dating someone of a different religion.

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