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But this is where the similarities end. The typical sign up process for most dating sites, is that you fill out a whole bunch of questions, then write a description about who you are and what you are looking for. But here, the description part is taken care of by your friends. All you need to do is enter the email address of the friend you wish to nominate to write your description, then make sure that you bribe them to write something nice about you.

Of course, you can also cheat if you would rather write your own description. There is nothing stopping you from entering an alternative email address to the one you have registered with, then completing your own description. But it would really defeat the whole purpose of the site. Although you are given one, on the site only your first name is displayed.

Personally I find it much nicer to communicate with people on a first name basis rather than a wacky username. Until your friend writes your description, you will also be unable to make the most of the site. But you can still search through members on the site and read their profiles. There is also a very helpful one-to-one date coaching service available, further increasing your chances of successfully finding someone special. The big feature of MySingleFriend is of course that all of your splendid character traits, and perhaps a few bad ones if you are unlucky, will be described by your very own friends.

Searching on the site is no different to any other dating site. The basic search bar is always present at the top of the website, and your default settings are usually filled in. So just hit the search bottom and all of the members meeting your criteria will be returned. And unlike on some sites, you can also view their photos before you upgrade to a paid member. What about support for mobile? We know how important that is today! But there are no mobile apps available at this time.

When I perform a quick and not too picky search of my local county Worcestershire , for females between the ages of 25 and 33, there are over profiles returned. I think this is more than enough potential dates for one person. And of course, you can also search further afield if you like. However, unfortunately no information is provided as to when the members were last online.

The Scam Test Dating sites are unfortunately a popular target for scammers, both those originating from Nigeria and other far flung places, and also scams originating from the dating companies themselves. Unfortunately today many dating companies only care about making money, and they will use any means necessary to persuade non-paying members to take out a subscription. Therefore, I always like to test how many scammers are present on the site by leaving my profile blank for a week and not uploading a photo.

I noticed that even though the site seems to be modern and trendy, this did not make a difference to the variety of ages and choices that are available to you, it seems to work for many of any age, as the success stories accessed by a simple link show. If you are registering for yourself, the process is just as easy and the only extra thing is that you give friends details to confirm your registration and when they accept you can then begin your journey.

The search facilities are large, varied and very straightforward to use. Set out simply but effectively and the photos included are clear and concise. Unfortunately when you do find a profile that interests you, there is not the usual facility to use an icebreaker like a wink or smile, in case you are a little shy to start conversations, but as your friends are involved it does make it easier because all the friends are linked too so starting conversations becomes a lot easier when the members friends are spilling all the stories on them!

The best way to get to know more! There are 3 subscription packages available from 1 month through to 6 months-with the facilities available and the dedicated customer service team that are on hand to help at any stage throughout the process, I am my opinion they are extremely good for money and worth entering into. There are also plenty of promotional discounts and offers available including free months where for the whole month you get to use the site as if you were a paying member, so look out for them as well, as a paying member though you are regularly kept updated on special offers like this and many more.

The customer service team at mysinglefriend is a strong one and seems genuinely dedicated to helping you along every step of the way. The site is regularly policed, for unsuitable photos, language or anything strange regarding profiles, you can easily report anything or anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable and if found to be upheld the profile and all details will be removed.

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A date with Sarah Beeny: The matchmaker shares her tips on finding The One

This may be especially relevant if you are living in a frined remote location. However, making members look professional and attractive. Nevertheless this discursive format does produce interesting sibgle Mysinglefriend was created by TV personality Sarah Beeny back in Part of her mission at the time was to demystify online dating by encouraging feiend to talk to their friends about it. The profiles are full and well presented! Mysinglefriend good nerd dating sites created my single friend uk dating TV personality Sarah Beeny back in Part of her mission at the time was to demystify online dating by encouraging people to talk to their friends about it. Every profile contains firstly a statement written by the recommending-friend, then a response from the single being recommended. The site has a simple but very pleasing layout with nice text fonts and spacing! At first glance the quality of the matches on this site looks very high. Mysinglefriend was created by TV personality Sarah Beeny back in Part siingle her mission at the time was to demystify online dating by encouraging people to talk to their friends about it. Of course few friends dwell bollywood actresses dating hollywood actors the bad points.

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