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Indeed, the person who achieved that migration may well come to hate me with my curiosity and fascination about the experience--a curiosity and fascination that would probably verge on the obnoxious. Delaney shares seven secrets, which apparently aren't secrets any longer. There's a chapter here on putting self first and ensuring that you have time to do those things that will lead to success. That one wasn't bad.

I also gravitated to her approach that if you get injured during weight loss, you should adjust and still do something toward achieving your goal. Alas, I needed that section. I tend to be one of these people who, in a moment of despair, would walk away from an exercise regimen altogether rather than adjust to a somewhat milder form of exercise until whatever was wrong had healed.

Perhaps this book's biggest deficit wasn't even Delaney's fault. I had just finished the Jennette Fulda book, which I found far more filled with wisdom and inspiration than this one. Perhaps had I read this first, I would have been less inclined to be uncharitable toward it. To view it, click here. I have mixed feelings about this one. I found the author to be preachy and kind of a know-it-all.

I get that these methods worked for her, but that doesn't mean they'll work for everyone. Also, I just don't agree with some of the things she said. Don't cuss and be a good listener?! Having a similarly inappropriate sense of humor is a requirement for me. And listening is always a good idea, sure, but she makes it sound like th I have mixed feelings about this one. And listening is always a good idea, sure, but she makes it sound like the guy should do all the talking and the woman's job is to nod and look pretty and skinny.

I also have an issue with Lisa's belief that fat girls stay in bad relationships because they're fat. This is called having low self-esteem. Can overweight people have low self-esteem? But it can also be caused by a number of other things. Fat people aren't the only ones who stay in bad relationships. There is an entire chapter about keeping your diet a secret from the world.

I agree with this to a degree. People think they have a right to comment on what you eat and it can be aggravating. But you tell them to shut it and then you go on doing what you need to do. I preferred taking them. Some other things changed too. A majority of them started flirting with me. Suddenly, people I used to see as brothers were asking me to sleep with them because I had lost weight. Is It Bangalore that's Unsafe?

But it was amazing in the beginning. I had people complimenting me every second. But then people started associating every action of mine with it. I still cannot decide which is worse: The fact that aunties twice my age wanted to be of my size or kids a lot younger begged me to help them change their eating habits and train them. When I scowled at them and told them they should love their body, I was called a hypocrite.

I had never been a positive example and suddenly I am, for all the wrong reasons. I realised people had no chill when they asked their six year olds to learn from me. Everyone asks me about how I lost weight, and before I utter my first word, they ask another question. No, I did not use drugs, alcohol, sex, cigarettes, medicine, or liposuction to lose weight.

Sometimes I think I was shamed more after I lost weight. Everyone has an opinion, and the fact that I just met them or 10 years ago does not matter. Body shaming needs to stop. The attention I got by losing weight, by becoming a smaller size was what you ought to get when you do something big. I did not do anything big.

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10 Rules for Dating a Former Fat Girl?

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