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How To Tell Your Parents Youre Dating A Girl

Steps 1 Think, is there a reason you should not tell your parents? Telling them if you know they are homophobic is a whole other hurdle. You can use some roundabout conversational approaches to see if your fears are warranted. Maybe do a practice like saying, "A girl in my friend's art class got kicked out for being a lesbian; what do you think of that?

You will need to ask a friend or someone who you can trust. Do her parents know she is with you? You will need to talk about what to do if your parents are not okay with this. You don't want your honesty with your parents to affect her, too, if she's not ready for that step. Make sure you tackle the issue as a couple, as well as individually with your respective families.

If they think you are to young to even date a boy, then you should not tell them that you're dating a girl. And emailing is the new taking a walk around the park, Facebook messaging is the new writing love letters and BlackBerry Messengering is the new going to out to dinner Sure, your mother finally texts every day, and often she's texting you, in fact. But when it comes to romance, she likely still sees any form of e-communication as a step down from in-person, face-to-face contact.

She equates it with late-night booty calls or noncommittal attempts to keep someone on the hook without having to put in any real effort. And she's not entirely wrong -- even modern-day romances cannot subsist entirely on flirty tweets and G-chat catch-ups. In-person connection is a must, so make sure that your mom understands that you are also planning to hang out face-to-face.

But in between those hangouts, technology has become the easiest and most legitimate way to cultivate romantic connections. Talking via technology counts. And you should feel justified in standing behind the meaningfulness of those e-interactions. So when talking to your mother, focus on the regularity with which you e-speak, or on the interests you're e-finding in common, or on the butterflies that you feel when you e-hear from him. Explain to her that his 1 a.

Techno-romance is a major part of true connection these days. Make that point to your mother as many times as you need to. E-communicating is great, and sometimes it signals real connection. But other times, it just signals that you and some guy are testing the waters in the lightest of possible ways. But once your mother buys into techno-romance as a reality, she might have trouble accepting its more casual nuances.

Your mother now believes that texting can be meaningful? If she catches you texting a guy, she's going to ask you about him every time you talk for the next six months. She's going to not-so-subtly imply that you're welcome to bring a guest to your family's summer beach vacation. And God forbid you don't end up on a date within a short period of time -- she's going to advise you to stop "dancing around things! If you sell your mother too hard on the importance of techno-romance, then you might end up creating a monster.

However, if an e-flirtation with a guy ends up being a non-event, don't temper your mom's misguided enthusiasm by exclaiming, "Seriously Mom, it was just a text! It didn't mean anything! Instead, lightly mention that your vibe just kind of fizzled, but that you've got other connections with other guys in the fire. When I traveled the country for my book, talking to people about their post-dating love lives, I heard one story from women over and over again.

Their mothers would get concerned that they weren't dating anyone Obviously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. But if you're not, then it can be annoying as hell when your mother won't stop suspiciously hinting at a shift in your sexual orientation just because you're not bringing along a plus-one to your sister's graduation party.

In order to allay your mom's questions and curiosities, throw her a couple of bones about your love life here and there, even if they're not that serious or indicative of connections that might have long-term potential. Keep the details lights and the specifics vague, if you'd like.

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