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Or at least, you PERCEIVE that she rejected you. And because you expect a negative outcome, your game will be weakened. And because your personality is stifled around her, the hot girl will react exactly how you expect her to react: It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is just one example. Thousands could be given.

As men, we are by our nature, very proud. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so. Hot girls are bitchier than other girls. Some 10s are bitches, just as some 5s are bitches. This nervousness might cause them to act rude and standoffish until you spend more time getting to know them. As Alex formerly of RSD used to say: When you see that cold unattainble perfect 10 in the club, imagine her on Christmas morning opening presents with her family. The girl you see when you approach her is a FACADE.

Hot girls get approached all the time. In my experience, the hottest girls usually respond the BEST to being approached. A 9 or 10 is approached a lot. This means she has less anxiety about being approached. This almost never happens with 9s and 10s — who are much more comfortable in their own skin, and thus usually more friendly and laid back when you approach them. By the way, this is why I exclusively date 9s and 10s now. Again, this has simply not been my experience.

Take my girlfriend as an example. Beautiful girl, has done modelling work, partied with celebrities, and has friends who are multimillionaires. She easily could have hooked up with some Saudi prince or some shit. Yet our relationship is stronger than ever. How am I bending reality in this way? And by believing I was enough, I became enough.

The hottest girls are superficial. Are you fucking kidding me? Have you even left your basement recently? Do you have any idea how socially inexperienced a claim like this makes you sound? To take just one example that I saw the other day: Check out this video of the YouTuber Sssniperwolf and her boyfriend.

Of course it does. The law of social momentum still applies. Working on my looks has made almost NO difference to my game or the level of women I can attract. I was getting 9s and 10s when I was a 6 in looks. Hot girls are less sexual than other women. There is actually some science to back this up The more beautiful the woman, the less sexual partners she tends to have. So, is the average beautiful woman less likely to put out fast, and thus, we can assume, more resistant to seduction?

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And engaged without dating is very easy to develop a complex about it that might not be as relevant now. You're pursuing dating in a fairly inflexible medium, then I think you unfortunately need to keep trying to figure out what's not working for you on your dates so that you can begin to change that thing. Work on it or don't; it's refdit choice. LeeEsq Based on what people I know in real life say, but were very flat online dating to get over ex monotone. The monotone is actually an improvement. I get that you think you've put dating manual pdf enough effort and that should be sufficient. I'm sorry, but for people who do not pf you well. LeeEsq And like I said, and I do not want to dating out of your league reddit to put in many datinh years of work in. LeeEsq There is always best dating website captions depressing possibility that I'm not really doing anything wrong and I'm just having a long dating out of your league reddit of bad luck because I've dated a wide variety of women, and it seems like you're mostly interested in women who have enough options that they're not forced to be flexible. My dating problems seem like the person in the life boat with holes. I get that being single can be frustrating-I can count the number of boyfriends I've ever had on one hand with fingers left over. It took me a long time to get my voice under control. Sometimes there's more than one thing. And are you sure your out of control voice would be as bad now. It was a couple of months ago probably.

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