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Davis was fired from Def Jam not long after. Brown called her the same day and asked her to be his manager. Kelly, Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Joe and Huey. We thought she was super rich! We was wearing a whole bunch of dirty clothes. She would buy us fresh things every week, new sneakers. Brown had been back to Virginia for his ninth and 10th grade basketball seasons but had been getting into fights, so after that, it was a wrap. He was too busy learning how to become a pop star.

Sandra Rose has also reported that Davis has a crew of older women who prey on young male artists. The names of these women would surprise you if I revealed them. Some of these chicks are behind the careers of the biggest names in the music business. Davis is bitter on two levels 1. She's been in love with Brownfor a decade. So, the paycheck and the penis just walked out the door okay, I'm wrong for that joke. Tina Davis For years it has been alleged that Davis, 45, initiated an inappropriate sexual relationship with Brown, 24, when he was years of age and considered a minor in the eyes of the law.

Brown's mother entrusted Davis with her underage son and rumors persist she sexually took advantage of Brown when he was 15 and she A year-old woman should not be attracted to a year-old boy. It's just not natural. If he had been 20 and she 41, it would not have been illegal. But she knew he was not of age, which is a red flag people, do not leave your underage children with others you do not know very well - you never know what could happen. Davis watched as Brown went on to superstardom and became a man, continuing to have feelings for him.

She operated with the mindset that she made him who he is she didn't, but did contribute to his success and should be the one with him. However, Brown's romantic interests have been elsewhere from the start. First Rihanna and now Karrueche Tran. Davis kept tabs on Brown and repeatedly interfered in his personal life, which further supports allegations her feelings towards him have been sexual. There was no valid reason for her to be meddling in his personal life in this manner.

For years she has been behaving like a woman scorned, not a manager with a business dispute. Chris Brown's tweet As I see it, the only time a manager should really get involved in the love life of an artist is if they are dating someone involved in flagrantly bad behavior, which could lead to prison, public disgrace or the entertainer being ripped off by a scammer. Even then, you have to watch what you say or write to the artist regarding the matter. It has to be more along the lines of, "Be careful, because so and so is involved in criminal activity being monitored by the authorities, which could bring you down and damage your career by association" not "you better drop her.

However, Davis was operating like she was boss and being cheated on by her man as well, when the public knew Brown was dating Rihanna at the time. Now, I admit, Rihanna is a bad influence, but Davis was behaving like a jealous woman, not a concerned manager. Tina Davis confirms Chris Brown has fired her In , TMZ accused Davis of sending the sexual text message that sparked the domestic violence incident between Brown and Rihanna, leading to his arrest.

Rihanna had hit Brown on two other occasions, witnessed by others, prior to the fight in the Lamborghini after the Grammy party.

Chris Brown's 'booty call' in Rihanna beating blamed on manager Tina Davis

Dr Chris Brown: Meet my REAL girlfriend

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