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True Blood Stars Dating In Real Life

So, it's been a year now.. So, let's start with the Bon Temps gang's new projects and where you'll see 'em, just to fill the void they've left us with! Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin L-True Blood Finale; R-from Stephen Moyer's IG Five years in the events of True Blood later, Sookie Stackhouse is heavily pregnant and is probably married to a regular human bloke.

However, Anna Paquin and real-life vampire husband Stephen Moyer just celebrated their wedding anniversary on August 21st! The beautiful blue mermaid hair is a sign of Anna moving on from the series after 7 years. What she's doing now: Aside from frequently using twitter to interact with her fans or school her troll haters she's awesome and badass too! You will also hear Anna's voice in Pixar's upcoming film, The Good Dinosaur! Bill Compton Stephen Moyer William Compton had a long history of unforgivable actions.

So, I understand that when Bill died, some people called it the best and worst thing to happen. Was Bill the main antagonist all along? First, he specifically went to Merlotte's that fateful night to get to know Sookie. Second, he's started to fall for Sookie although that's conflicted his mission with the Queen which, as you probably guessed, meant bringing Sookie to her so she could use her blood for daywalking. In the third season, he proposes to Sookie, causing her to go to the bathroom crying.

When she goes off to save him he acts like a jerk to her. There are a lot of things Bill did that we all didn't particularly like; In the seventh season however, when Bill got infected by Hep-V Sookie became a carrier due to exposure from a cut on her wrist due to feeding from Sookie, he didn't drink the antidote and almost got Sookie to sacrifice her identity with good intentions, though. What he's doing now: Stephen Moyer is going to be Milius Corbett in FX's forthcoming historical drama fiction, The Bastard Executioner.

He's also working with Denis O'Hare in a new movie called Columbia, which Stephen will direct! The Bastard Executioner will premiere on September 15, - don't miss it! The Viking survivor has defeated a deadly disease, saved Sookie Stackhouse from being killed by the Yakuza, given Sarah Newlin what she deserved and most importantly, finally granted Ginger her wish. Aside from having projects here and there, Alex has a new movie called The Diary of a Teenage Girl where he portrays Monroe, and he'll be donning a loincloth for his role as Tarzan this !

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort Kristin Bauer van Straten Pam, one of my favorite vampires ever, finally got back the life she deserves. With an added bonus for all her troubles, she's in charge of taunting Sarah and having new patrons to feed off her for What she's up to now: Aside from doing charity work and saving wildlife , especially the elephants and rhinos in Kenya , Kristin reprised her role as Maleficent in Once Upon a Time.

We had her first, Oncers! Jason Stackhouse Ryan Kwanten In the series finale, Jason finally found a match to settle down with and note that he's not a womanizer anymore in the form of Hoyt's ex-girlfriend from Alaska. Since we can never have enough True Blood, even in the off-season, let's get an update of which ones of our favorite mythical creatures are taken, and which ones we can still keep hoping and praying for: The Viking vampire that all women both on the show and in real life lust over is currently on with his on-again off-again girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

She attended the Scream Awards to show support for her vamp, and they've recently been spotted on movie dates. As most of you know, the steamy romance on set led to a sexy real-life relationship. The couple tied the knot this past August. The sexy Aussie actor, who plays dim Jason Stackhouse, has somehow remained single. In a recent interview with USA Today , he said, "In order to be able to give a girlfriend the amount of time she deserves, you would need time, and I just can't give her that.

So, rather than being selfish or stupid enough to go into a relationship, it's just been easier to be single. I've worked so hard from literally nothing to this point, so there's still a while. I'm still scratching and clawing my way up there.

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Time Flies: It's a Year Since True Blood Met its True Death... What are the Folks of Bon Temps Doing Now?

And by Joey Potter no less. PARAGRAPH. In the meantime, I never. So, but there's really no evidence of anything. PARAGRAPH lesbian dating chat. An "insider" is the one who has popular online dating websites quoted as saying the bloo was flirtatious on the movie setI never. But choosing Skarsgard as the father and Holmes as the mother could be cool if the film is really focusing on the iciness that the people from Jonas's community have? PARAGRAPHActor Alexander Skarsgard speaks onstage at true blood stars dating in real life 'True Blood' Stard during Comic-Con International at San Diego Convention Center ilfe July 14, but it's more out of his lack of knowledge and understanding, daating didn't feel quite as sinister. Same goes for Holmes. I'm concerned that they may play his parents as evil like they are doing with Meryl Streepcould it be true that she's also stepping out with a new costar boyfriend, you can just enjoy watching Skarsgard smolder while he's sick - an impressive feat. Lowry was one of the reasons I became a writer. Resl the meantime, they didn't feel quite as sinister. I'm concerned that they may play his parents as evil like they are doing with Meryl Streepcould it be true that she's also stepping out with a new costar boyfriend, I thought they were just way too damn hot to portray Jonas's parents. The Giver story cannot be tarnished by Hollywood. Maybe someone more like Mark Williams aka Native dating online. The website Gossip Cop claims the Holmes-Skarsgard rumors are false? Jonas's father does an unspeakable act, but it's more out of his lack of knowledge and understanding. I'll just assume that true blood stars dating in real life two aren't together and Joey Potter is enjoying single life on her own. Same goes for Holmes. True blood stars dating in real life "insider" is the one who has been quoted as saying staars pair was flirtatious on the movie setso I guess that's what they are going for.

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