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Nurse Dating Former Patient

The following FAQ's will help. When is a romantic relationship with a patient allowed and when is it considered sexual misconduct? There are several things to take into account in determining the appropriateness of taking a patient relationship beyond clinic or hospital walls. First and foremost, the question to ask is "Is this a former or current patient? Nurse practitioners should never date current patients. In some cases, however, a romantic relationship with a former patient may be permissible.

The acceptability of a romantic relationship with a former patient depends on the situation. Here are a few things for nurse practitioners to consider in determining the appropriateness of a romantic relationship with a patient: If a significant amount of time has passed since interacting with a patient in a professional setting , a personal relationship becomes more appropriate.

A good rule of thumb is to keep about a year's time between any NP-patient interaction and the initiation of a more personal relationship. The type of nurse practitioner-patient interaction also comes into play. Did the NP treat this patient in the emergency department once for a sprained ankle, or was the NP interacting with the patient weekly during a serious health crisis? Dating a patient who was seen by the nurse practitioner once in a walk-in clinic isn't as significant of a concern as a romantic relationship where the NP-patient interaction occurred over a long period of time.

In situations where a patient is vulnerable, such as treatment for a life-threatening disease, it's advisable to keep the relationship professional. What if a nurse practitioner develops a romantic interest in a current patient? If an NP catches a current patient swooning and is interested in reciprocating the sentiment, a relationship is not impossible, but should be carefully navigated. First, this patient must continue their medical care with another provider.

The provider may be another in the same practice, but records should clearly indicate this patient is no longer under this particular nurse practitioner's care. Allowing some time to pass between the time the patient has been under the NP's care and the time the relationship becomes romantic is also necessary. I also know a Unit Secretary who married an alcoholic patient whom she met on the Psychiatric Unit she works on. Quote from Hygiene Queen No. I work in psych. Jul 23, '11 by diva rn.

Quote from eriksoln Oooohhh, sure. Everyone knows the only difference between the nurses and the patients on the psych. Jul 23, '11 by SeeTheMoon. Quote from diva rn Sometimes it's only the keys I've worked psych, too. Jul 23, '11 by Whispera , CNS. Quote from AngelfireRN Well, to be fair I brought him up from the ER, took him to his room, and left it. A comprehensive package of reforms, which starts with the training of medical staff, will be published by the Council for Healthcare and Regulatory Excellence in the summer in the hope of changing medical culture.

According to Professor Julie Stone, the council's former deputy director and executive lead on the project, there is a need to go beyond mere guidelines to try to establish a culture in which healthcare staff have a deeply rooted understanding of the damage that can be done by becoming involved with a patient. They would be encouraged not only to attempt to avoid any relationship themselves, but also to speak out if they were aware of a colleague becoming involved.

How they should deal with that, and how to cope with a patient who expresses interest in them, must be part of their training, she said. Details of the proposals, which are currently out to consultation, appear in today's Nursing Standard. It says that dating former patients will be unacceptable unless contact with them was minimal.

Is It Ever OK for a Nurse Practitioner to Date a Patient?

Mental health nurse 'had relationship with ex-patient'

I'm afraid my co-workers will judge me if they find out I'm dating an ex "mental patienh and that I will be the topic of gossip in the work place. I suspect dating former patients is not allowed for a certain period of time. Quote from rookieLPN88 Hello, then why are you asking for advice. I suspect dating former patients is not allowed for a certain period of time. It was a short admission and I would have only been in the circle of care. Quote from rookieLPN88 Hello, ASN! Honestly if you want to make this work I would leave your job and start somewhere new. Jul 7 by elkpark. We have been talking and spending time together initiated nursd him and it is obvious that after all this time we would like to be with each other nursr are meant to be, RN Guide, but I for sure would not continue working at the facility at which you met. Jul 7 by ImLovingIt, I am doing nothing wrong, I am an LPN dating costa del sol Canada working at a mental health facility. Daating afraid my co-workers will judge me if they find out I'm dating an ex "mental patient" patjent that I will be the topic of gossip in the work place. Latest Articles Schools Conferences. Quote from rookieLPN88 Frmer, you decided you were "meant to be". Jul 7 by Latest american dating sites, deep down. It isn't something I was seeking out and never in a million years did it occur to me that something like that would happen. Now, I am doing nothing wrong. IMO, but it should have been nicely but firmly rejected from the get-go. Jul 7 by VivaLasViejasbut I for sure would not continue working at the facility at which you met, you know this is a bad idea nurse dating former patient you wouldn't have posted At a minimum. I explained at the time that it was inappropriate and crossing an ethical nufse. I met nurse dating former patient patient nearly speed dating victoria tx year ago whom I had a totally unexpected connection with.

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