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My Girlfriend Still Goes On Dating Sites

How to tell a friend she's dating a jerk And then you could miss out on what could have been. The simple fact is, there could be a perfectly good explanation and talking it out could rectify the situation. So, bring it up as casual as possible and allow him or her to explain. But and there is a huge but here I took my profiles off any sites that I was on. He or she might not be cheating, but they are definitely disrespecting you and your relationship.

Has anyone ever found their significant other on a dating site? Or have you been the one caught on a dating site? Tell us about it. Looking for dates in Staffordshire? Girlfriend still on OKCupid June 14, 1: I deleted my profile Everything else in our relationship is going great. I guess I really don't expect her to delete it. She's changed her status on OKCupid to 'seeing someone' and is now only looking for 'new friends'. Still, something about it makes me uncomfortable - it is a dating site, after all.

I've tried to bring it up once or twice, with her reassuring me that she's only ever replied to two or three guys on the site, and I shouldn't be worried. But I am worried! Occasionally I peek at her profile discreetly. It seems like she logs on every few days, and her page says "Replies Often". From what I hear, attractive girls get messages a lot, so this doesn't seem to jibe with the "hardly ever replying" thing.

I'm trying not to go crazy-jealous-boyfriend here I trust her and want to believe her. Maybe she's telling the truth and OKCupid's "how often user X replies" indicator is broken? I know most of the answers to this will be 'talk to her about it', but I've tried! Why not just let things slide. If you really do become a partnership, she will inevitably close the profile. Just be a better boyfriend.

That doesn't mean everything's fine, but at this point there's zero evidence of anything or any reason to suspect her. Stop "occasionally peeking at her profile", discretely or not. Stop that right now. There is nothing but misery in that direction. If it's anything less than 6 months, you are over reacting. After all, she may not be comfortable that this is long term, yet, while still having zero interest in cheating on you.

You may be completely right, but you also may be completely paranoid; there isn't enough information to decide. Nor to determine the correct action. So there's no problem. I've been with my girlfriend for 6 months. We didn't meet on OKCupid, but I'm still on there, marked as "seeing someone" and looking for "new friends. I didn't meet my boyfriend on OKCupid but I knew he had a profile.

I had one too but basically never really did anything with it [emailed a few people, found a few of my friends on it and said hi] and when we started dating I changed the profile to "seeing someone" [I think? OKC mails me stuff every once in a while which I pretty much ignore. That said, if I thought for a second this made my boyfriend uncomfortable, I'd delete it immediately.

The only reason I haven't is laziness and just liking having some sort of profile in case local folks wanted someone to have a burrito with my bf is not local. That said, we're not "officially" hooked up on facebook, or even on MeFi actually. If I were you, I'd mention it to her in as unjealous a way as possible that it made you feel a little weird and see what she says and follow her lead.

So, Your Girlfriend Is Still On A Dating Siteā€¦

The guy I'm seeing is still using dating sites. What should I do?

I was looking through the emails on my girlfriend's phone I know, together for 18 months? DR Girlfriend's got a dating site profile and I need advice on how to deal with my girlfriend still goes on dating sites without going straight for the nuclear option. She trusted rugby player online dating with her phone and I betrayed that trust. I know they've got my back, I don't want to jump the gun and throw her out. Me working full time and away from home for up to 5 days, I don't want to jump the gun and throw her out! I just don't get it. The problem is, she likes to see where I am during the day. She tells me she loves me all the time! PARAGRAPHMe M35 and girlfriend 26her at home a PhD student, together for 18 months. I'm not convinced she's cheating on me and here's why. PARAGRAPHMe M35 and girlfriend 26even the ones who said what I didn't want to hear, even the ones who said what I didn't want to hear. I was looking through the emails on my girlfriend's phone I know, right. Daying result is this. I knew I might find something I didn't want to see so I can't really complain when I did. I just don't indian singles dating south africa it. Maybe she just felt lonely one day and thought "what harm can it do. She tells girfriend she loves me sttill the time. Some of my neighbours are old school friends. DR Girlfriend's got a dating site profile and I need advice on how to deal with it without going straight for the nuclear option.

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