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Girl Meets World Riley And Lucas Fanfiction Pregnant

She has a feeling that Riley is pregnant and if she is and tells Lucas than she might find out the truth. She hopes she does and leave before Lucas can find out about the child. If she can get Farkle to help out when Riley finds out about Lucaya. In fact, he is super mad. He trusted Lucas to make his baby girl happy but he isn't. He is a cheating scum bag. He also hates that Maya is on this as well.

He need to plan so that Riley can leave NY and he has a person that will help out. Zay is Lucas best friend but he hates how Lucas is hurting his sister. Yes, he sees Riley as a sister. When they finish high school, he will move back to Texas and he will take Riley with him if need be. No-one knows but him that Riley has gotten a movie deal and she wants to take it but is scared of leaving Lucas and Maya. If she does take Farkle and him are going to move to LA with her as Farkle has applied and accepted at a college in LA.

Riley has a feeling that Lucas is cheating on her but she brushes it away. She loves Lucas so much and she knows that Lucas loves her as much. Farkle and Zay stepped out of the kitchen carrying a silver platter for both Riley and Lucas and walked over to their table. And for dessert, a creamy vanilla ice cream for two with heated raspberry sauce drizzled all over the ice cream. I'm going to go play with Auggie and Charlie back at the apartment with your parents and Uncle Boing.

Zay and Farkle entered the kitchen to leave the two alone so they can enjoy their date. You're the best boyfriend ever. Here's to us and the baby. We're going to become one big happy family. Riley raised her glass of ginger ale up and taps her glass against his and took a sip. If it's a girl, you'll pick out the nursery and do the chicken dance in front of the whole class.

And if it's a boy? I don't know what it is. He pulls something out of Riley's hand. Riley gasped when she saw the diamond promise ring that Lucas was holding in his hand. This is why I planned this special night for us because I wanted to do this. Riley, ever since you fell right into my lap on the subway, I thought you this sweet, innocent, quirky and adorable girl I've ever met. Then when we graduated in eighth grade, you told me how you felt about me and I felt the same way about you.

And look at us now, this is our final year of high school and we're heading off to college and we're having a baby. This is a whole new world for us. I want to be a part of your world. Riley Amy Matthews, you're the love of my life. Will you marry me? A smile appeared on Riley's face and tears streamed down her face when Lucas told her those four little words. She could not believe that this is happening right now.

The boy that she loves and carrying his child asked him to marry her. Lucas Friar, I will marry you. Later that evening, back at the apartment, Cory, Topanga, Josh and Auggie were busy playing Monopoly as Riley entered the apartment with a dreamy smile on Riley's face. How was your date? You two did had sex again, did you?! Charlie is in the room.

Topanga gives Cory a look an slaps him in the back of his head. Please don't hit me again. Or will the stress get the best of them? Join Riley and Lucas as they welcome their first baby Rated: We will get to meet the first baby of the friend group, baby Rucas! I am so excited for this story and all the adorableness that will be taking place! Leave reviews on anything you want to see and I will do my best to incorporate it into the story!

Chapter 1 "Lucas Friar! Lucas heard his wife's call and rushed out of their bedroom and into the living room. She was standing in the kitchen with her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. Lucas tried not to laugh because he knew she was being serious but his wife looked so adorable. Her brown hair was pulled up into a messy bun on the top of her head. She had on a pair of his boxers and she wore one of his old tee shirts that clung to her eight month baby bump.

He knew that husbands said it all the time about their wives, but he was convinced that she was the most beautiful pregnant woman he had ever seen. Her baby bump just looked natural on her. She looked like she was born to be a mother. He could see her staring at him intently and he sent her a smirk. I'm trying to be mad at you. He could see his wife struggling to maintain her point but saw in her eyes that he was right. Riley could see the look of pure love in his eyes and knew that he was going to be great with their daughter.

Lucas just pulled her as close as her bump would allow him. This I know for certain," Lucas said.

Farkle was Riley's first kiss I want them to fanfitcion up together. What's going on in Riley's stomach. I start to doze off? Riley's POV Farkle asks me to go swimming and of course Living social speed dating nyc say yes. We start making out the chair. She curls up next to him and they fall asleep next to each other. Do you understand me. I grab it before it can come all the way off. Maybe one day me and waplog chat dating meet friends will be in Paris together? Farkles POV I look at Riley's test and let out a smile. You don't want to have a baby. They were just so cute together. If you could learn any language, what would it be. I grab my keycard and slide my flip girl meets world riley and lucas fanfiction pregnant on. Even though he was asleep, I still felt weird changing while Lucas was in the room! PARAGRAPH. I wrap my arm around Ans as she looks over at Riley. I'm watching GMW rn cuz there's nothing else to do.

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