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Dating Vogue Patterns

They also did a limited line of designer patterns during the s. Three of the designers for this line were Adrian, Edith Head and Anne Fogarty. An American mail-order pattern company. This company seems to have been one of the last to convert to a printed tissue pattern. Several early s designs have been found with the cut-to-size tissues. This is possibly the oldest of the pattern companies still in business today. Many of the oldest patterns currently available to collectors are from Butterick.

Mary Quant, Betsey Johnson, Jean Muir, Kenzo and John Kloss were featured designers. There were several companies that made patterns for Hawaiian fashions. The two that are most well known are Patterns Pacifica and Polynesian Patterns. Other companies include Pauloa Patterns and Kekabi Patterns. Most of these patterns are for typical s and s Hawaiian styles — mostly muumuus, and some shifts, play sets, and cover-ups. Many of the patterns from this now defunct company, featuring stars and starlets on their envelopes, are highly collectable.

Those featuring Lucille Ball are particularly desirable. This company did beautiful dresses and suits throughout the s into the s. Founded in by Kerstin Martensson, who also produced many of the early designs and patterns, this company was an early leader in patterns perfected for use with knits. The patterns are always expertly graded, and are printed on glossy white paper. Many of the early designs are more wardrobe staples than fashion forward styles.

This company had important designers contributing fashions as early as the s. It is possible to find McCall patterns from the s and s with styles by Lanvin, Schiaparelli, Mainbocher, and Patou. These patterns from the 19th Century are quite desirable, as Mme. Demorest is considered to be the inventor of the paper pattern. The company was established in , but by , the business was sold.

Modes Royale patterns were sold in the most up-scale department stores in the s and s. They were known for their very stylish dresses and suits. In the s and s these mail-order pattern companies featured fashions from designers such as Oleg Cassini, Ceil Chapman, Don Loper, Estevez, David Crystal, and Mr. Blackwell, the originator of the 10 Best-and-Worst-Dressed list. Simplicity patterns were known for their ease of sewing.

These vintage patterns are glimpses into the clothes and home furnishings that decorated the lives of Middle America. As such, they are vital statements of vintage fashion as worn by most Americans. Simplicity did release special patterns series. If you have found some patterns you like but the seller has no idea if they are complete, at least check to be sure the instructions are in the envelope, and see if you think the folded tissue is thick enough to match the number of pieces indicated on the envelope.

There is no guess-work about completeness with a factory folded pattern. On the other hand, well-used patterns can still be valuable and usable. If the design is fantastic, unusual or rare, condition may not be as important. However, poor condition and incompleteness do affect value, so pay accordingly. And for an ordinary design, it might be better to wait for a copy in better condition. Remember, these were manufactured by the thousands!

If you want to know when your pattern was made, there are several ways to find out. The easiest is when the maker has put the date on the envelope or on the instruction sheet. Look along the edge on the back of the envelope, or sometimes on the flap. Simplicity patterns were dated in the s and into the 50s, on the instruction sheet. Look at the bottom corners to find the dates. Simplicity stopped putting dates on most patterns in the early 50s, but in the mid s they began printing it on the envelope back.

Vogue patterns were rarely dated, and until the late s, Butterick patterns were never dated. Most mail order patterns were not dated, though you could get lucky and find one in the original mailing envelope with a postmarked date. The other smaller companies did not put dates on their patterns. And be careful, because sometimes an older pattern will have a copyright date that is not for the design, but for a feature like the method of construction.

Another way to date a pattern is by using the number of the pattern. There is a book series, Blueprints of Fashion by Wade Laboissonniere, that attempts to make sense of all the different numbering systems. Sometimes the only way to determine the age of a pattern is from the styling of the illustration. The hairstyle, the garment style and length, even the printing fonts used can be hints as to the era of a pattern.

This is when knowing a bit about fashion eras can be valuable. Some people buy vintage patterns simply because they love the beautiful designs, but many people actually use their patterns to make clothing. In order to make your pattern last longer and to preserve your investment, you might want to make a copy of the pattern. Instead of using the actual pattern to cut out the pieces, use the copy, saving wear and tear on the more fragile original.

I bought a bolt of interfacing fabric that I trace my pieces onto. You can find vintage patterns almost anywhere you would be shopping for used items. This includes every venue from yard sales to antique shows. Yard sales and estate sales are excellent sources of vintage patterns. I went to a yard sale recently where an elderly lady was selling her lifetime collection of patterns. She was able to tell me what fabrics she used for each one, and if the dress was made for a special occasion, what it was.

A hint when buying at yard sales and estate sales: Often the pieces were not returned to the correct envelope, but if you have all the patterns, you may be able to locate any pieces that are missing from each envelope. Thrift stores may be another good source of vintage patterns, however, some thrifts do not see the value of them and will throw them away.


Vogue Pattern Company History Dating by Envelope Design

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