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Start working on your goal early. If you are still young and just beginning at college and have your eye on any of the single basketball players in college, make yourself be known to him. You may not want to dish out money to meet single basketball players, but it can be helpful if you have the extra cash to spend. There are various companies that offer the services of introducing women to pro athletes and it may be exactly what you need to know how to meet single basketball players.

Make yourself aware of where he may volunteer and volunteer there as well. There is nothing better than sharing an interest with someone to connect on a personal level and could work wonders for you if your goal is to date and marry a professional basketball player. How to Date a Basketball Player in College Photo credit: Tom Britt If you want to date an NBA player, the best thing you can do as a young woman is to start dating a basketball player while he is in college.

Single basketball players start out somewhere and they usually get noticed in college. Following are some tips on how to start dating and keep a basketball player in college: First class flights, amazing vacations to Paris, any handbag or clothes you may want, any jewelry is yours, and any car as well. Also you may have multiple luxurious homes with people to make your meals and trainers to keep you in tip top shape.

But it gets even better. For many women being attracted to their husband may or may not be important. He will more than likely work out at least times a day doing rigorous work outs so he can have a leg up on his competition. For all those women who love a solid six pack and nice arms a ball player could be all you could ever ask for. One last thing to mention is that you will also have the luxury of being able to do what you want to do and pursue your dreams.

Imagine having an extra million dollars to focus on your artwork or fashion interests with. You could come up with some very creative personal ideas, along with an art studio if your heart truly desires it. As you see there are many negatives and many positives to dating a pro basketball player. But at the end of the day It just comes down to if you are happy with your significant other and your relationship or are you both just using each other for your own personal gain.

No need to go to the clubs all night anymore. Haberstroh's piece also features this amazing quote from a player identified only as a former NBA All-Star: No going out to the club. No having to get something to eat after the club but before the hotel. Don't go scouring Tinder for your favorite star, though. This former All-Star tells Haberstroh that NBA players actually prefer Instagram to Tinder when it comes to arranging hook-ups. Tinder, Instagram, Venmo, Google Docs — any app can be a hookup app if you make it one!

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