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Being Approachable Dating

If you really want to catch the eye of a shy guy who seems nice but is too scared to approach you, try being friendly and warm to the people around you. Glance at him now and then, and make eye contact occasionally. And you can use them both depending on what feels comfortable for you. And then, slowly turn your head away and look towards something else.

Smiling to yourself at that moment will only make you appear more cuter and sweeter in his eyes! If your idea is to meet guys or get approached by them, try to spend time alone or probably with another girl friend. Not all places create the perfect scenario for casual conversations. Coffee shops, clubs, or book stores are perfect places with limitless opportunities for a guy to start a conversation with you.

Would you date a guy who thinks all women are bitches? It just makes you a person. Be happy about wanting to meet someone and drop your ego. This is fairly straightforward. If you want a guy to approach you, act like it. Give them a warm and inviting gaze. Look straight so you can make eye contact. When I approach women, I always have a much better and easier time with a woman who helps me interact with her. Guys defend themselves by acting cocky or important, while women defend themselves by acting bitchy or super obnoxious.

Sadly, at the end of the night, all of these well-guarded individuals end up going home drunk, horny, disappointed and alone. Everyone wishes they could be real, but for some reason, they just put up this guard that destroys their social interactions. For instance if you are a guy and you want to 'pull' on a night out, go out with a group of girls and you will instantly seem more approachable.

While it's important to be seen to be social in order to look approachable, you also need to give people the opportunity to approach you and this is particularly true when you are trying to attract members of the opposite sex. No one's going to approach you if you are in a large group in order to ask for your phone number as there will be a big audience. As such then, you should occasionally separate yourself from the group in order to make yourself more easily approachable. Smiling is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for any social interaction.

Smile and instantly people will think you're a more friendly and a more open person, and that you're currently in a good mood too. Smiling then will make you far more approachable and mean people are far more likely to strike up a conversation with you. When someone is thinking about approaching you they might try to make eye contact to essentially 'suss' out the situation. If you look down or away when they try to attract your attention this will make you look unreceptive and uninterested it can also be quite rude.

As such you need to be ready to receive eye contact and to smile in order to invite people over. At the same time you can use this to get the attention of people you want to come over and it can be used proactively. If you want someone to approach you and don't want to go over to them for whatever reason, try to establish eye contact and then smile, and they will likely take it as a green light to come over.

Finally to be approachable you should also be well presented. This makes you look more up-together and means you are generally less likely to be insane. It also means that if someone is looking for advice or information that you will look more likely to be able to provide that. Make sure you always take time and care with your appearance then and choose your clothes carefully to make you look like the kind of person you'd approach.

How to Look Approachable

How to become Approachable-Improve Your dating Skills

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