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Where to meet one? And I'm not telling you to date underage girls, students in language schools are of all ages. Some could even be older than your parents. I went to Russia for an internship, met a girl where I worked, and now I'm engaged to her and in a master's degree here. Nicest girl I've ever met, and I studied literature in my homeland so I've seen a LOT of girls in high school and university. What Russian girls want in a man? Plus, if you're interested in Russian culture etc, it could be an icebreaker to get to know someone better ; especially if you're in university, or teaching languages, in other words, in a place linked with culture.

And they're different from Western girls, by the fact that they may or may not have conservative values or not! And that's all, people around the world aren't that different after all. Just avoid like the plague vk and dating sites. Or don't mention you're Canadian until you regularily talk with the girl. Because if you do, you may be swarmed by the small but very vocal community of the wannabe dependopotamus girls.

Those who want to marry rich and get Dior handbags while doing jack shit all day. Don't get me wrong, you find a lot of them in every country, but when it comes to Russia and many Eastern European countries , they equal "Western" with "rich", so anyone from Western Europe or North America is a target. They're the ones who go to "mail order brides" sites, to live a passionate and hot relationship with your passport and bank account.

Unless you're filthy rich and want a relation based on sex and money, avoid them. Very different they are among themselves. Less own independence and more realibility in a guy comparing to Western women. As I recall my own expierences, women love bosses though not only Russian women love them , whatever is implied by that. And, of course, reliability, basically the life in Russia is very unpredictable and unstable in very many regards no matter, that actually it's in fact not much different from the life abroad , the mindset is shaped by that, a traditional gender roles are very favorable and eventually play the crucial role.

This has resulted in several generations in which there has been considerable evolutionary pressure on women to be more attractive. The time of perestroika was a tremendously difficult time for women. I've since come to understand that this means a very heightened survival mentality, and incredible pragmatism and heartlessness. Russian women are security seeking missiles. You won't find tougher women than Russian women. Many Russian women work very hard at not working.

Finding and locking down a male labour saving device or male slave is a key strategy for most Russian women. Ostensibly the goal is to be a stay at home mom, but I think it is laziness, and the goal is simply a perpetual childhood and not having to work. The good is that men and maleness are valued by Russian women, and that there is an undercurrent of extreme loyalty if a Russian woman loves her man.

The bad is that men are often seen as little more than bankomats ATMs on legs, and the casual cruelty that Russian women display towards men they have no use for. It is said that you can tell a lot about the character of a woman by the way she treats people she has no use for. This is an essential way to filter Russian women. I'm lucky to have met many good Russian people, and luckier still to have met some good hearted Russian women. To those good Russian people: To those good hearted Russian women: I've dated Russian women before.

They're really upfront about finding the richest and bes suitor. Yeah, Russian girl are completely unashamed to ask "where does your money come from" within 30 seconds of meeting you. I've been blowing them off with nonsense like "I have an unusually large penis, and I make porn". They have an expectation that they can ask anything, and that you will answer truthfully. I gotta start really lying, instead of blowing them off with nonsense.

Something like international arms dealer. After countless iterations of this in Ukraine I will tell people that I'm here for the cheap beer and beautiful women. Its a good enough line because they are virtually guaranteed to later ask why I am not living somewhere else like Germany, etc and then I ask them if they have cheaper beer and more beautiful women there. Its a hard counter to someone feeling like they can casually ask me about my entire life story and all of my intentions.

They know that there is some truth and deflection there but its in a generic way. I've had very positive experiences with Slavic people in general and Russian women in particular. If you marry a Russian woman in an Orthodox ceremony, she'll be with you come hell or high water. If you marry her in a civil ceremony, it's a business transaction and will be treated accordingly. ProTip for Americans dating Russian immigrants: At these parties, they'll bring their dates, and there will be a lot of other Americans.

Don't lie to yourself about which camp you fall into. Bonus for the OP: The grammar's not perfect but I assume that's what you were going for. For what it's worth, my dad's family is half slavic, and all of the women are extremely loyal and tough. He's just being used, and she's giving him as little as possible in return. Well if that isn't the final nail in the coffin



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