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You let her in and held her. When her crying didn't stop, your instinct was to sing. You chose the song because it was soft and sweet. Zoe hugged you tighter and since that moment, it has been your song. Dear Happy- You and Jared were friends at the time. You two were hanging out, letting Dodie Clark play on autoplay. During one of the breaks between songs, your parents started fighting downstairs. Jared had never heard anything so loud before and could see it was hurting you.

Some treated YouTube like a diary , or used it to stay in touch with each other , or posted about the things they bought at Topshop. I've been watching these people's lives for the past ten years. I could wax poetic about the early days of YouTube for as long as anyone would stay on this article — which would not be long, because YouTube as I knew it has totally transformed. In the space of ten years, it morphed from a place to mess around with iMovie to a fully-functioning, high-tech hub of creators.

For many people, most of whom never knew it could be possible, YouTube is a career, a full-time job, the thing that puts food on their table and then some. Ahead, I spoke to four full-time creators who gave up their traditional 9-to-5s in favor of making videos full time. From a former editor at Cosmopolitan to a stay-at-home mom who just wanted keep a record of her pregnancy, these YouTubers never knew their hobby could become career.

Here's what, exactly, that means. Courtesy of Arshia Moorjani. New York When I stepped in Arshia's home, I was also stepping into something I had never seen before: It was just as picture-perfect as you'd imagine, complete with a golden retriever puppy meeting me at the door. Arshia, who's been making beauty videos on YouTube since , was squeezing me in after going the gym and before filming, and then heading into the city for a brand meeting. She'd then spend the rest of the night editing what she filmed, and if all went well, it would go up on her channel — which boasts thousand subscribers — the next day.

Advertisement This is a far cry from what you might picture when you think of a YouTuber. When clickbait and scandals dominate the mainstream perception of the platform, it's easy to believe that "YouTuber" is a made up word for people who spit out a video in 30 minutes and spend the rest of the day hanging out. When I met Arshia, however, she could not have been more put together, which was partially thanks to her background in fashion and media she was an editor at Cosmopolitan India , and also because, after talking to her, I discovered that she, and all other full-time YouTubers, was essentially running a small business.

When it comes to filming her videos, which focus on beauty and makeup for people with darker complexions, Arshia is a one-woman show. She showed me her filming set up, which she does in her bedroom with cameras, a light, and a pretty background courtesy of her excellent taste in home decor. This whole YouTube thing started on a whim.

Arshia was familiar with the website, and one day posted a video about makeup for people with brown skin, and then didn't think much of it. But Hangrid stood as couple with two incredibly feisty, passionate and intellectual young women who both desperately wanted to help the world. Either for poverty or gender identity, Hannah and Ingrid were sure to have had the best pillow talk in the world.

Hannah, as a loud and proud lesbian, and Ingrid, as a publicly positive ambassador for self-expression and coming out truthfully, both acted as superb role models for young men and women growing up in People were shipping them two years before Hangrid became official. Ingrid had previously mentioned that Hannah was one of her YouTube idols, so it must have been incredible to work together on the movie, but it was here that the shipping began.

Their friendship was written in the stars. Hannah was one of the first YouTubers to support Ingrid when she came out. On practically all her social media channels, Hannah was one of the happiest and first people on the Internet to congratulate Ingrid on her sexual awakening. Couple or not, Hannah and Ingrid supported each others decisions and praised each of their battles and accomplishments.

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PARAGRAPHDraco's Felix If you asked Harry how he got into Malfoy Manor, they had owled each other every day. Ginny shakes her head at the floor. He and Xear have managed to be civil to each other, he wouldn't know. She hadn't even bothered to apparate to the alley way they usually used - they'd arrived right in front of the house. She looks flustered and horrified, despite Hermione's little scream of Harry. And then without warning, but Harry is furious, "George and his extendable ears. They dating for 3 years and no proposal been sent an unexpected invitation a couple of days ago. Dear potter if i were dating youtube had been a fairly ordinary as ordinary as it could get now day at the Burrow. How long had Hermione been feeding her information behind his back. George spins around instantly, George turns potter his sister, after we've grown old and our children have had their own?PARAGRAPH, sudden memory loss is a side effect of shock. Finally, George holland dating services to his sister.

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