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Even Though Were Not Dating Your Still Mine

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What does "we're not dating but you're still mine" really mean?

Although We’re Not Together, You’ll Always Be The Love Of My Life

But idk what to do? They want to mark their territory by peeing on you. Wtf wrong with a bitch. As the author points out unless he handcuffs me nine two can play the open relationship game. Started to date other men. Zack As a guy…. I know 4 t online dating seems a lot when your younger but its not really a big age difference. He stuck around though I never got the title not sure I really want one from him at least I got off the FWB roller coaster! Trust is a major!!PARAGRAPH. At first I was offended then I figured why not. We got back together as just a hook up, my advice is take the time your out of town and think about things. Ont to date other men. Even though were not dating your still mine This man I was dating for 9 months broke up. I have yet to hear a response as to why he did that after he clearly stated no PDA. I asked him about it and he said we should only be friends in public, we are compatible and great chemistry…especially when being intimate. I know 4 yrs seems a lot when your younger but its not really a big age difference.

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