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At last my prayers were answered in june.. We fell head over heels.. This site is great Keep an open mind.. I've met a lot of cool people here in the forums and got a date or two from the personals. I haven't found my soulmate or anything, but as the title suggests, there are plenty of fish out there. Too bad most of the awesome women in the forums are in Canada. Makes a Texan like myself almost want to brave that frigid weather for a taste of what the counrty that gave us Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, and Phil Hartman has to offer.

I like that it has the forums So this is so far the best site I have been too It's free, which is great, but I find there are a lot of losers on here. People pretending to be girls or boys or using pictures from websites in their profiles, not very many people with "relationship potential". And a lot of people that are only after nookie. Lots of friends and the love of my life! Please name one site that does not include those things also.

There are many reasons for people doing that very thing, safety , anonymity, or living out a fantasy. I wouldn't judge quite so quickly, keep an open mind, and be gentle with those. You have not walked in their shoes. And as for nookie, well, isn't that what makes us all turn around? As of yesterday i made changes to the site that anyone sending a message to a user for the first time that doesn't have intimate enounter selected will have thier email automatically deleted if it contains sexual terms.

I do really like it, especially the forums. It is definitely unique among the others that I have signed up with. Gives me something to do before work I guess. I don't personally think I'll meet my true love. Page 1 of 5. I've done my share of complaining about the rules on this site, but I've got to say this is the best freaking site I've ever been on. Plenty Of Fish, is the best site of it's kind. But still there are problems and personality conflicts, one component is pritty flaigrent about it's authority and how it treats people,but POF is a foee site I just love POF.

If your looking for a more genuine site, I would personally try a pay site like match. From what I can tell anyone can report your account for any reason. After a certain number of reports your account is deleted. The most frustrating part is the site keeps your profile to "count towards" it's total number of users that it boosts about, and can't actually be deleted because you can't log back into it.

I've got an associates in programming, and while most of this is hunch based I don't think I'll be returning to their site any time soon despite having people that were interested in me for me whom I now cannot reply to. Don't buy tokens they're a waste of money. Also you can in the event that your banned all of your investments will be forfeited as well. MY ACCOUNT KEEPS GETTING DELETED AND I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY!

These are real people here and I made real connections that are all gone now. There needs to be a better system in place as to what profiles can be deleted. This is not fair!!! I spend so much time making my profile just right to reflex the person that I am, and I have made connections with people that I couldn't get back. It was so upsetting and incredibly disheartening but I decided I'll dust it off and create another account. Then things were going great, I met someone I really liked.

We had a real spark between us and spoke for ages. Then this account also got deleted and I lost him. This is not fair at all. It was an honest account. I didn't use any nudity or profanities. I had done nothing wrong at all. Yet it got deleted. This site is for hooking up for sexual encounters only. If that's all your looking for, it's plentiful. If your looking for a real relationship skip this one over. I signed up last year and was lucky enough to only be on it for 3 days!

People on there seem more real then ither dating sites. I met my still now boyfriend on there and cant be any happier then i am now so thank you plenty of fish for finding my perfect guy: Plenty of fish is not bad and offers some cool features for free whereas others make you pay. But word of caution beware of scammers and fake profiles. But there are genuine and real persons on the site but in my opinion Mingle2day, QuickFlirt, and Match simply work a little better.

They initially cost but the relation of real profiles vs fake profiles seems a little better. I would not recommend the POF dating site to anyone who is real and genuine. My experience with this company has been one of lies,corruption and the most impersonal user interface for meeting a friend. I have had scammers several times and finally went to the FBI website for tips. They are so easy to spot and even easier for the person to create a fake profile.

Older women seem to be a target and just must think we are old and feeble. I have an upgraded profile and will not renew when my time is up.

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Top Dating Site 'Plenty of Fish' Announces Big Changes

Sitting by a fire with friends and family is therapeutic. Caucasian Black Hispanic Indian Middle Eastern Native American Asian Mixed Race Other Ethnicity? POF Denmark POF Netherlands POF Sweden POF Mexico. We will tell you what you need in a relationship, just one girl I really click with to hang out and dating games online for free tak. Enter LETTERS displayed under Circles from above: By clicking Continue I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. PARAGRAPH. COMPANY Advertising Press Careers Terms of Service Privacy Policy. POF is the Best Dating Site for Conversations. I enjoy going out for a lovely meal. Caucasian Black Hispanic Indian Middle Eastern Native Lots of fish dating site Asian Mixed Race Other Ethnicity.

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